Sunday, December 03, 2006

Rezko, Alsammarae, and fleecing our Iraqi allies

I wondered about a Rezko connection to Alsammarae. Looks like Fitzgerald wondered too. Via the ST (isn't there another paper in Chicago? Why is the ST the first paper I link to now?)

Federal authorities are investigating an Iraqi power plant deal involving Antoin "Tony" Rezko, a former top fund-raiser for Gov. Blagojevich charged with defrauding Illinois taxpayers.

Investigators want to talk to Iraq's jailed former electricity minister, Aiham Alsammarae, about how Rezko landed the potentially lucrative contract, a source familiar with the probe told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Alsammarae, who holds dual U.S.-Iraqi citizenship and has a house in Oak Brook, helped Rezko get the deal, another source said.

Rezko and others in the venture were to own the plant and sell electricity back to the Iraqis, but the Iraqi government still was to pay a substantial portion of construction costs, that source added.
xp Bill Baar's West Side


Benedict,  5:30 PM  

Maybe we should try Tony Resko for treason. These contractors in Iraq are evil and ripping off our tax dollars, war profiteers, and hurting our troops and Iraq.

Resko is an exploitative scumbag.
I lost a lot of respect for Obama

Extreme Wisdom 10:23 PM  

Those of you who are fans of the now canceled "Arrested Development" must wonder at the ways the Comedy imitated real life.

Rezko even looks like Bluth Sr.

Mahru,  10:58 PM  

What did Obama do to help Rezko?
Methinks more to come

Look into phone calls and Springfield voting records and meetings while Sen
Rezko did not hang around Obama and raise money for good government

Hussein,  11:00 PM  

Obama and Resko
Hard working Muslim businesspeople at work

Bill Baar 6:43 AM  

I'm guessing Resko a Catholic. Not that that means much of anything.

Sistani the Shia Leader has been pretty impressive voicing restraint given the onslaught launched against his religion.

That our leaders could show that courage.

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