Thursday, December 28, 2006

100 new laws beginning January 1

Illinois residents will see 100 or so new laws take effect on New Year's Day. All can be found at the Illinois Chanel, but some of interest to individuals might be these.

All homes must be equiped with at least one approved and fully operational carbon monoxide alarm and there must be one alarm within 15 feet of every room used for sleeping purposes.

Hospitals will be required to use itemized, easier to read bills and wait longer before they refer indebted patients to a collection agency.

Restaurant patrons will be allowed to take home leftover wine provided the wine is properly sealed.

Anyone convicted of littering along a highway will be required to maintain litter control, for a period of thirty days, over a designated portion of highway, including the site where the offense occured.

Condominium owners or condo associations may not adopt any rules which infringe on a resident's First Amendment rights, especially that of religious expression. This would be religious symbols of some type on the front door or in windows.

Sex offenders will be required to wear an electronic ankle bracelet while on parole.

Expands the Open Meetings Act to include electronic communications.

Much to digest before the 1st.


Bill Baar 9:08 AM  

Nice to see you posting Diane...

guess I can go build that neo-paganistic inspired shrine to George Bush on my front lawn and thumb my nose at the homeowners association if they give me grief.

Anonymous,  9:32 AM  

So how can I report people that don't have the requisite carbon monoxide detectors?

They are not only putting their children at risk, they are breaking the law.

Anonymous,  2:52 PM  

Not all of the laws here actually take effect on Jan. 1.

The hospital law's stated date is Jan. 1, but gives hospitals up to July 1 to comply.

Levois 3:05 PM  

I'll say. I don't know if these laws are very good for the people of Illinois or not. I suppose to do good in this state you have to do little things like those.

Springfield 10:54 AM  

Thanks for the update

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