Saturday, December 09, 2006

Chicago Tribune buries story on mall bombing plot on page 17

Granted, it was a very busy news day in Chicago and Illinois yesterday. But Chicago's most-read newspaper has some explaining to do, in my opinion, over its burying of a story that's dominating the national news.

The Chicago Tribune's headline story was the downtown Chicago office tower shootings--three people died. Below the fold, there is a second story about the incident. Also below the fold was another big story with a local angle, the House ethics committee scolding of House Speaker Dennis Hastert, a Plano Republican, over the Foley scandal, accompanied by an article about a recently discovered rare photograph of Abraham Lincoln

Up on top of the paper is a story about a tragic car accident--which unlike the Hastert and office shootings got little national attention.

But another local story that's getting massive national notice is the news that a Muslim convert, Talib Abu Salam Ibn Shareef, allegedly plotted to set off bombs at Rockford's CherryVale Mall. Shareef was arraigned in federal court yesterday afternoon--that's when the story broke.

It was huge news yesterday and still is today. But the Tribune chose to dump it deep inside its print edition, on page 17, in the Metro and State section.

To me, that's very odd. Could it be that the Tribune is afraid of charges of spreading "Islamophobia" by groups such as the Council on American Islamic Relations?

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