Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Tom Dart - Cook County Jailer

He’s the new Cook County Sheriff and former co-chairman of the Prison Reform Committee that I served on in the Illinois General Assembly.

When I read Rummana Hussain’s Sun-Times story on December 7th, I thought that some of the ten points that were listed sounded like things that had been discussed in our committee.

I saw my seatmate and co-chairman Tom Johnson’s idea of working with “faith-based groups to increase mentoring for inmates to reduce recidivism.”

In the installation of “a comprehensive video surveillance system at Cook County Jail,” I saw something that I tried to get for the Illinois prison system to increase accountability of the staff and cut down on rape in prison. (I was just going through my prison files for a Medill journalism student doing a story on HIV in prison and saw a files marked “Blind Spots.”)

How about “an internal hotline so employees can report suspected corruption?” That might send an appropriate message to staff from the new sheriff in town.

“Video visitation” is a good idea “so families can visit with detainees from remote locations.”

I didn’t know Cook County didn’t use closed-circuit TV for preliminary court hearings, but that’s one of Dart’s goals. It's done in state prisons.

Often public officials don’t know where they get their ideas.

I really doesn’t matter, as long as they do the right thing and Tom Dart seems to have started off in the right direction.

More on McHenry County Blog, including the age of Crystal Lake, the lake.


Pat Hickey 7:39 AM  

Tom Dart is thought to be 'repulsive' by Minister Bobby Rush, but was Senator Barack Obama's partner in key Illinois child welfare and prison reform legislation - they were a great team. Now, replacing the only really effective Cook County Sheriff in Cook County History, Tom Dart seems to be scratching out a great platform on which to clean up County government without the shrill and pusillanimous posing of a Quigley or a Claypool. Great work Tom!

Airborne,  12:40 PM  

Tom Dart can do great. He has some great things but needs to distance himself from the corrupt 19th ward racist operative like Skinny Sheehan.

Pat Hickey 1:05 PM  


You must be Terrence Airborne the slanderer. Any relation to the morons who run a slander blog?

Skinny Sheehan is anything but a racist and a fine human being, unlike you - a pathetic, gutless twerp.

Anonymous,  3:35 PM  

I'm with you, airborne. Pat has his lips permanently sown to the execrable Sheahan's rear end, for some reason, which of course compromises his objectivity. But out here in realityland, it's good riddance to a truly awful elected official. The only bad part is that he'll still be pulling strings behind the scenes.

Anonymous,  3:41 PM  

Oh, and let's not forget to take note of Pat's traditional cheap shot at Claypool and Quigley, who are among a very small number of people who have made any real difference at the county in the last decade. Pat's dislike of the two reformers speaks volumes.

Pat Hickey 3:46 PM  

God, I do hope so!

Airborne,  4:03 PM  

I will meet your and Skinny (I said AND NOR OR) anytime anyday.
Skinny knows who I am and I would crush him in a fight. I have never been a gutless twerp and wasn't when I was in combat serving our country.

Skinny knows where to find me, you can come too. You are a glib and clever spineless lying internet spinner. Skinny is the corrupt brains for those who cover for rapists and real criminals. You will all be in jail soon.

Be careful who you call gutless and twerps because I am not afraid.

Don King,  5:50 PM  

How much could we do a charity match between:

Richard Remus


James "Skinny" Sheehan
and Patrick "Internet B" Hickey

I think Remus would wipe both of them up and down Western avenue or the Leo gym or anywhere else.

Anonymous,  11:05 PM  

Hickey is the internet liar hiding behind his internet indentity while obfuscating the truth.
Hickey's supposed values and loyalties don't include truth, public integrity, taxpayer rights, or fighting corruption.

John,  8:33 AM  

Rich Remus would crush that ugly deformed skeletons skull if he got uppity. Pat Hickey is the type of loser who writes checks with his mouth that his body can't cash.
The only tough guys he knows are the racist low lifes who fight in groups and jump people when they are drunk. They are called bullies.

Anonymous,  8:54 AM  

Hickey and others get the treatment here:

Pat Hickey 10:03 AM  

Hey Cupcakes,

Leave poor old Cal's nice blog post and beat up on me above at mine. You stand-up heroes are always welcome on mine, so long as you do not cross the lines of propriety: not to worry though - grammar, insight, verbal ability, virtue notwithstanding - remember limit your skreels to my world-view and Christian inclinations. Above all, let's try and stick to the issues and avoid slander, libel and defamation of persons.

Poor Cal, must think that there is a dandy surplus of 'annonymous dim bulbs' in our community.

Peter and Paul,  9:29 PM  

Christian inclinations: That is funny!

demgorilla 10:20 PM  

Tom Dart for Mayor of Chicago!

Pat Hickey 6:46 AM  

Sound thought at last!

Anonymous,  1:25 PM  

So the racist 19th warders who brought us the torturing brutal cops can govern into perpetuity.

A governing class
and a victim class

but at least Paddy is helping the Leo kids, just don't let them get caught in Area 2

Pat Hickey 1:33 PM  

Caught ? Read a map! We ( Leo) are in Area 2. Better yet - come on out for a tour! We only got one Starbucks -that and whtaiznames - the NBA guy what's HIV - Magic Johnson's Starbucks in Grand-Crossing 71st & Stony or Jeffrey.

So bring your own - we use Maxwell House at Leo - No Hlls Bros - that was on sale at Pete's on 87th. Sorry.

Miss Persons,  11:05 PM  

How does stating "caught" necessarily preclude being "We (Leo) are in Area 2?

Can you get HIV from drinking Magic Johnson coffee?

Hickey, I like much of what you write but have a hard time following Stony, Jeffrey, Starbucks and what it has to do with any of this.

Pat Hickey 8:40 AM  

My Dear Miss Persons,

I presumed too much; had I known the limpid pools that are the gateway to your soul would but glance upon my scribblings, my poor powers would have collected the thoughts from the previous commentary, to wit 'the Leo kids, just don't let them get caught in Area 2' and more forcefully rivetted down my logic; thus,

Our (Leo) kids can't get 'caught' in Area 2, as they are already in Area 2; thus read a map!

Invited the swain to Leo with the warning that there is, in fact of derth of fine Stabucks coffee outlets in our area -

He would need to take pot-luck or Maxwell House/Hills Brothers as the closest Starbucks is Magic Johnson's ( the heroic HIV positive NBA Legend and Starbucks venture capitalist) to the immediate East of Leo: Stony being Stony Island Ave and Jeffrey Blvd. 'Zounds, I blanch at my thoughtlessness!

Miss Persons, I shudder to think me a cad before you. Had I known such a delicate sensibility would deign to light upon my rough judgments, my presumptions would trunk and stay locked. Your servant, Madame!

Anonymous,  5:32 PM  

Can you use trunk as verb in that context?
What do you teach Hickey?

You do have a poetic sense but sometimes lacking in grammar and logic.

Pat Hickey 6:52 PM  


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