Saturday, December 23, 2006

Kane County's Sheriff and any other shorts....

Seems Pat Perez made good on his plege to stop giving county cars as perks. From the Daily Herald,

Eight Kane County sheriff's office employees have 10 days to turn in the keys to their department-issued squad cars.

Kane County Sheriff Pat Perez said Thursday he ordered five corrections officers and three civilians to return the vehicles because they don't need them for their daily duties.

It's nice to see guys secure enough to come out and admit this.
Iragslogger posts a Aiham "The Chicago Way" Alsammarae sighting,

Former Iraqi Electricity Minister Aiham Al-Samarra'i was spotted at the American Embassy in Amman Thursday, according to Ali Al-Shabbout, official spokesman of the Public Integrity Commission in Iraq. Shabbout added that that the commission has contacted Interpol in order to issue an international arrest warrant for Samarra'i. Al-Samarra'i escaped his Baghdad Green Zone jail Sunday while awaiting trial on corruption charges.
Wonder who Alsammarae would call from there?
See if they'll follow Rezko: Illinois Progressive Legal Action Center.
A Blagojevich Press Release via Illinois Review,
Governor Rod R. Blagojevich today announced $9.6 million for a new pilot program that will help provide supportive housing and services for approximately 170 young adults leaving the state’s foster care system, and for children being raised by relatives or other caregivers.
The pilot’s developers - Interfaith Housing Development Corporation of Chicago and their service provider partners, Sankofa Safe Child Initiative and Coppin AME Church - will select approximately 75 young adults aged 18-21 years who are transitioning out of foster care and 44 kinship families where the children are being raised by relatives to benefit from the program.
I understand a Kinship Family as a family sharing bonds of blood or marriage. If marriage is expanded to exclude same sex couples, would Coppin AME Church be obligated to accept those kinds of kin to keep the grant?

The answer to that question would guide my vote on a same-sex marriage proposal. It's the most fundamental issue of Church and State I've seen in a long time.
In Chicago (and burbs) its all about does a guy keep up his property. That's all that counts. NYT Home in Illinois May Lure Fugitive Former Iraqi Minister
It was an unremarkable scene on Wednesday outside a gated community here where the former Iraqi electricity minister, Aiham Alsammarae, now a fugitive from justice, keeps a palatial house.

Having escaped from a Baghdad jail over the weekend in what he boasted was the “Chicago way,” Mr. Alsammarae, whose whereabouts are unknown, could have been on the way back here.

Or perhaps he had already arrived, enjoying the serenity of the leafy surroundings of the Covington subdivision, about a half-hour west of Chicago.
“He kept his house just like any other guy,” said Mr. Brugh, who works for Oak and Dale Properties, a management company. “He’d have to or else we’d be all over it.”
And the guy who helped Alsammarae escape claims he was canned for it: Local man says he was fired for protecting Iraqi prisoner


Bridget 9:31 AM  

Pat Perez is a great guy and a true, no-nonsense professional. He will be good for Kane County, no doubt about that.

Cal Skinner 10:38 AM  

The saving of money by requiring employees to use their own cars is impressive.

Bill Baar 11:25 AM  

Perez is making them pay for their own gas too. That was also one of the perks.

Randall Sherman 12:20 PM  

I agree with the previous comments; Perez should be commended for his action.

As for the question posed in the initial post, as to who Alsammarae would be calling, perhaps it was to whatever attorney has taken up the mantle of the late Johnny Cockran.

Anonymous,  9:50 PM  

Perez is doing whatever it takes so far to stay within budget.

Perhaps his example will make an impact elsewhere

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