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GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - March 31, 2008

DIERSEN: Beyond tragically, Illinois newspapers and television stations do everything they can to elect and to reelect Democrats. If in 2003 and 2004 they had trumpeted Obama's affirmation of Wright's hate speech instead of trumpeting Jack Ryan's former wife's charges, not only would Obama not be a presidential candidate now, he would have lost the 2004 U.S. Senate primary. If in 2007 and 2008 they had trumpeted Bill Foster's former wife's charges, not only would Foster not be a congressman now, he would have lost the 2008 congressional primaries.

-- OUTSTANDING: 22 questions the national press should ask Barack Obama about his former pastor - Peter Wehner

-- Ten Truths About The Election "Obama's connection with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright makes him unelectable" - Dinesh D'Souza

-- VERY VERY VERY SAD BUT TRUE: Obama's indoctrination - Ralph Reiland

-- Obama's pastor remains an issue - Morton Kondracke, executive editor of Roll Call

-- Old-School Politician Emil Jones Mentored Obama Rauschenberger: "His voting record is down-the-line unquestioned support of the Cook County machine." - Christopher Wills

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Because Obama is so vehemently anti-Republican, those "Republicans" who support Obama, like Lincoln Chafee, Susan Eisenhower, and Douglas Kmiec, are declaring their anti-Republicanism

-- VERY SAD: Clarence Page promotes Obama and Wright

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Members of Obama's church are urged to have a "strong sense of identity as African-Americans" and told that critics of Wright's hate speech are both their "enemies" and their "confused friends",0,6727413.story

-- From strength to sore spot: Rev. Wright continues to hurt Obama - AP
-- Obama appears to be just like the rest - Leonard Peterson, Huntley
-- Goudie's wrong on Obama church flap - Norbert E. Wittmer, Mount Prospect
-- Todd Stroger has got to go - Cynthia Kehoe, Elk Grove Village
-- BEYOND BEYOND OUTRAGEOUS: By choosing to live in Wheaton, Theodore M. Utchen is choosing to take advantage of the prosperity and the safety that Christianity brings. But beyond beyond outrageously, Utchen says "religions are a serious divisive factor in the world today, causing many conflicts" and he agrees with those who "would like to eliminate all religions." Utchen should practice what he preaches -- he should move to the most anti-religious city in the world that he can find.

-- Abortion question takes Obama by surprise - Robert Novak,CST-EDT-novak31.article
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: To promote Obama and Wright, Steinberg demonizes Falwell, Graham, and McCain,CST-NWS-stein31.article
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Steinberg denigrates the capitol of Illinois - Springfield,CST-NWS-stein31.article

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: OUTSTANDING: Dennis Byrne discusses suburban townships seceding from Cook County,0,6652438.story

-- OUTSTANDING: Rutherford proposes chance to recall Illinois officials - David Gialanella,3_1_EL31_A3RECALL_S1.article

-- VERY SAD: Kendall County Democrats see hope in Foster's win - Christine Moyer,4_1_JO31_KENDEM_S1.article

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Campana comments on Burns, Foster, and Oberweis,2_1_AU31_AUTALK_S1.article

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Ralph Martire argues for tax increases, again

-- Analysis: John McCain, Party Of One - Vaughn Ververs.

-- Cross talks strategy with Carol Marin (includes video clip) (Includes video clip)

-- Cross suggests Democrats are still feuding - Deanna Bellandi


-- State Senator Dan Rutherford Visits Wheaton
(3/31/08 News Clips page)(THE PRESS RELEASE: Wheaton, IL. – An outstanding reception for State Senator Dan Rutherford was held at the DuPage County Republican Central Committee headquarters in Wheaton on Sunday, March 30, 2008. Senator Dan Rutherford took the opportunity to thank his supporters for the work they have done for the Republican Party and for himself. He reminded the attendees of the work yet to be done in Illinois to support all the Republican candidates in their communities, the county, the state and the nation. Fred Bucholz, Dave Diersen, Sal and Sherry Falbo, Carl and Dagmar Lofgren, Liz Martinez, and May Yurgaitis were among the more than 30 attendees.)

-- Durante, Reboletti, Saviano, and Bob Schillerstrom speak at outstanding Addison Township Republican Organization Brunch - Dave Diersen (3/31/08 News Clip page)
(THE ARTICLE: Pat Durante, Dennis Reboletti, Skip Saviano, and Bob Schillerstrom spoke at an outstanding Addison Township Republican Organization Brunch at the beautiful Alta Villa Banquets in Addison on Sunday, March 30. The over 400 attendees included Mary Jo Arndt, Michael Bowler, Fred Bucholz, Yolanda Campuzano, Lee Daniels, Kathryn Cermak-Durante, John Dabrowski, John Elsner, Blanche Fawell, Jeff Fawell, Paul Fichtner, Laura Fitzpatrick, Mike Formento, Dorothy French, Hank Gianvecchio, Bob Grogan, Gwen Henry, Paul Hinds, Joyce Hundhausen, Chris Kachiroubas, Chris Kain, Gary King, John Kinsella, Dr. Bob Krzyzewski, Bob Larsen, Gus Leventis, Dagmar Lofgren, Matt Lozich, Jerry Marchese, Liz Martinez, Brian McKillip, Ron Menna, Jane Mitton, Pam Moretti, Marsha Murphy, Jim Oberweis, Pat O'Shea, Rachel Ossyra, Carole Pankau, Sonja Peters, Dewey Pierotti, Michael Prueter, Don Puchalski, Richard Russo, Dan Rutherford, Peter Siekmann, Ron Smith, Fred Spitzzeri, Judy Baar Topinka, John Valle, and Rick Veenstra.)


Sunday, March 30, 2008

Gov replies -- but he never answers

Carol Marin talks about the governor this morning in her Sun-Times column. In this story it starts off with the Governor attempting to have a press conference talking home mortgage relief. This was supposed to be about this "positive" story but the reporters who were there had other ideas. There were questions not about home mortgage relief but Tony Rezko.

Rogers kicked off the questioning: Governor, did that conversation happen?

Blago: “Let me answer that question with an answer. I’m not a party in that trial. I’m not following the trial. It would be inappropriate of me to comment on a trial I’m not a part in.”

Rogers tried again: Don’t the people of Illinois deserve to know whether or not those allegedly incriminating conversations took place with Stuart Levine, a person who has pled guilty to a variety of federal charges?

Blago: “I already answered your question. Those characterizations do not characterize how I operate.”

Rich Samuels of WTTW: Did Blagojevich have a conversation on an airplane with Stuart Levine?

Blago: “You know it’s a good question. I’m not a party in that trial. I’m not in a place where I think it’s appropriate to comment on a trial I’m not involved in.”

Then Carlos Hernandez-Gomez of CLTV: Was the governor’s chief of staff Lon Monk clearing decisions through Tony Rezko as Levine has testified?

Blago (taking a noisy sip of water): “Let me answer that question. I’m not a party to that trial.”

Then Phil Rogers once again: What was the governor’s relationship to Tony Rezko and Stuart Levine?

Blago (another noisy sip of water, his eyes peering over the paper cup):

“Look I’ve asked and answered that a million times. You just ought to go back and take a look at your clippings.”
I'd like to have seen that press conference. It's not wonder he's in his "bunker". He don't want to take questions about this case. I don't blame him, but there are some legitimate questions he's avoiding. Surely he can't avoid them forever, but he certainly can's assume that things are all hokey dorey. Marin continues...
All they show us is that since the feds began showering the Blagojevich’s administration with subpoenas three years ago for everything from state hiring practices, to how lucrative pension investment contracts were handed out and to whom, to the governor and his wife’s personal finances, there isn’t a single answer on a single one of those clippings that provides citizens of this state with a clear answer to any question about his conduct or his relationships.

And if the governor is referring to video clips of past news conferences, all you’ll see, time and again, is the governor running for the door. Literally.

So, budding crisis managers, the lesson here is don’t call a news conference unless you can say something that doesn’t insult the intelligence of the public.
If you were reading this column. I tried not to give too much away almost reads like a lesson for both aspiring crisis managaers and aspiring journalists. The lesson for aspiring journalist and I will include in that description citizen journalists is to never stop asking questions.


GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - March 30, 2008

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: BEYOND OUTRAGEOUS: FRONT PAGE OF NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE WITH PICTURE OF A DEFLATED RED ELEPHANT AND TITLED "THE END OF REPUBLICAN AMERICA?" The Democrat Party controlled New York Times has Benjamin Wallace-Wells write as negative and as depressing a commentary that he can on the Republican Party. The commentary focuses on RNC Chairman Tom Cole and mentions Steve Greenberg and Jim Oberweis.
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Rather than answer questions about his serious divorce problems, Foster blasts Bush,2933,343118,00.html
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD BUT NOT SURPRISING: Those who want amnesty, bilingualism, more guest worker programs, more mass immigration, and more preference for Hispanics argue that McCain won because of his position on immigration and that Oberweis lost because of his position on immigration
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Per Novak, Rep. Kevin McCarthy of Bakersfield, Calif. might chair the RNC platform committee,CST-EDT-novak30.article
2004 Republican Party Platform:
-- No 'Professor' Obama at U. of C. Political flap over his precise law school title - Lynn Sweet,CST-NWS-sweet30.article
-- Governor replies - but he never answers - Carol Marin
(Not posted as of 7:00 AM)
-- DuPage County board abates tax rate - Jake Griffin
-- Obama flip flops on church issue - Daryl Pratt, Arlington Heights
-- Republicans, unite before November - Nancy J. Thorner
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: If in fact the recycling rate in Wheaton has declined during the last 10 years, why is that? It seems to me that sadly, about 8 out of 10 of those who have moved into Wheaton in the last 10 years are Democrats who moved here to take advantage of the prosperity and safety that Republicans created. I thought that Democrats brag that they recycle more than Republicans. Several times, Democrats?, threw trash at the base Bush-Cheney yard signs placed along Warrenville Road in my precinct.
-- Property tax slashed $3 for the average county household DuPage County Board postpones vote on remainder of budget - Paige Winfield,6_1_NA30_COUNTY_S1.article
-- LINKED TO THE REZKO TRIAL: Mike Bartletti, Jon Bauman, Phil Bradley, James Bruner, Bill Cavanagh, Bill Cellini, Bill Enlow, Bob Kjellander, Stan Rupnik, and Phil Schmidt - Bernard Schoenburg and Bruce Rushton
-- Once-vibrant Sangamon County Evening Republican Club disbands - Bernard Schoenburg
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Schoenburg discusses cross over voting in Sangamon County for the February 5 primary election
-- DuPage County Board lowers property taxes - Dan Petrella
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Kurt Begalka discusses the impact of sales tax increases
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Democrat Penny Davis of Lake Barrington blasts Greenberg
-- State Sen. Rutherford, a man who likes a bit of adventure, to speak at Lincoln Day event Friday, April 18
-- Michelle Obama: Would-be first lady drifts into rock-star territory - Kristen Gelineau
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Obama goes bowling for votes at the Pleasant Valley Recreation Center in Altoona, Pennsylvania
-- Obama the liberal? - Alec MacGillis
-- VERY SAD: Another Nail in the Coffin of Hawaii's Grand Old Party - Garry Smith
-- The Secret Liberal Lives of GOP Lawmakers - State Representatives
-- The Secret Liberal Lives of GOP Lawmakers - State Senators
-- Fiscal Conservatism Is A Good Message: Inability To Articulate This Message Is Hurting America - Daniel T. Zanoza
-- 2004 Republican Party Platform
-- 2004 Illinois Republican Party Platform
-- 2006 Republican Party of Texas Platform
-- Why aren't Illinois Republican organizations and candidates issuing more press releases? - Dave Diersen
(THE ARTICLE: Why aren't the Illinois Republican Party (IRP), the Illinois House and Senate Republican organizations, the IRP Congressional District organizations, the Illinois Republican County Chairman's Association (IRCCA), the Republican county party organizations, the Republican township party organizations, the Republican Chicago ward organizations, the allied Republican organizations, and Republican candidates issuing more press releases? While the Democrat Party controlled Illinois news media routinely ignores such press releases, GOPUSA ILLINOIS would be more than happy to include them in its daily emails. Obvious topics for press releases include events such as the June 6/7 IRP quadrennial convention in Decatur, IRP State Central Committee meetings, IRP Congressional District meetings, IRCCA meetings, county party meetings, township party meetings, allied organization meetings, candidate rallies, and major fundraisers. Other topics could include actions taken to thank voters individually who cast Republican ballots in the February 5 primary election.)


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Aldermen lash out at $75,000 for Stone

From today's Sun-Times...

Chicago aldermen ridiculed and condemned a federal hiring monitor on Friday for awarding $75,000 to the son of the City Council's elder statesman as compensation for a 2003 aldermanic election that was stacked against him.

Federal monitor Noelle Brennan believed Stone's claim that he didn't stand a chance against then-Ald. Ted Matlak (32nd) because Matlak had the support of a political army of city workers commanded on city time by now-convicted former First Deputy Water Commissioner Donald Tomczak.

Veteran aldermen begged to differ. They argued that Stone "never stood a chance, period" because he was a lousy candidate.

By giving Stone $75,000, Brennan deprived more worthy applicants of more substantial settlements, the aldermen said. "We've got potholes to fix. We spend $20 million on snow removal, and the federal monitor decides in her infinite wisdom to give somebody $75,000 because they lost an election? Can I sign up for that program?" said Ald. Tom Allen (38th).
Has Jay Stone ever worked for the city? Should he get a settlement from the city only because he had to face a ward political machine mostly manned by city workers? And why aren't the aldermen trying to go after the corruption that is a cause & effect of rigging city hiring?

I haven't read that Mr. Stone ever worked for the city. Stone surely should not have gotten a settlement for only being a political candidate facing a political machine of city workers. Hopefully someone can provide an answer for the third question I posed, because the best I can do is that the aldermen on Chicago's city council aren't willing to tackle this issue.

Many of the aldermen are correct in opposing this. Indeed a lot of Aldermen are correct that this money could go towards providing services to Chicago residents. Still if the city is tired of these payouts, I wish they could address the underlying causes.


Lights Out

On Saturday, March 29, turn out your lights to show your support and commitment toward taking action to combat climate change. Earth Hour started in Sydney, Australia in 2007 and this year cities across the globe, such as Tel Aviv, Bangkok and Copenhagen, are taking action. The City of Chicago is partnering with World Wildlife Fund as the U.S. flagship city for Earth Hour.

This year's effort has been receiving a tremendous amount of press, so it should be interesting to see how the response turns out to be. I was thinking about live-blogging the event, but it seemed kind of paradoxical (not to mention boring).

So tonight, grab a candle and a book and relax old-school style (really old-school).

When: Saturday, March 29

Time: 8:00p.m. - 9:00p.m.

What: Turn out your lights in support of taking actions to combat climate change

Who: You

To read or post comments, visit Open House


GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - March 29, 2008

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Those who condemn America are overjoyed: Jeremiah Wright, someone who says "GOD DAMN AMERICA" and is Obama's spiritual leader, gets "thunderous applause" at Saint Sabina church (Includes video clip)
-- McCain Launches First General Election TV Ad - AP (Includes video clip)
-- FRONT PAGE TOP OF FOLD WITH COLOR PICTURE AND STORY ON PAGE 2: DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Trinity United Church of Christ, an organization that condemns wealth and condemns wealthy people, builds a $1.6 million 10,340-square-foot mansion for Wright in Tinley Park,CST-NWS-wright29.article
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Those who condemn America are overjoyed: Jeremiah Wright, someone who says "GOD DAMN AMERICA" and is Obama's spiritual leader, gets "thunderous applause" at Saint Sabina church,wrightcbs032908.article
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: In a national radio address today, wealthy Foster to demonize the "wealthy," promote class warfare, promote government spending, and say nothing about his very serious divorce problems,CST-NWS-foster29.article
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Trinity United Church of Christ, an organization that condemns wealth and condemns wealthy people, builds a $1.6 million 10,340-square-foot mansion for Wright in Tinley Park
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: FRONT PAGE: VERY SAD: Chicago Tribune promotes Obama's spiritual leader Wright,0,5174146.story (Includes video clip)
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Trinity United Church of Christ, an organization that condemns wealth and condemns wealthy people, builds a $1.6 million 10,340-square-foot mansion for Wright in Tinley Park,0,7795356.story
-- Wright controversy disrupts candid discussions about race - David Johnson,032908johnson.article
-- Spring thaw? Cross says Springfield is still 'frosty' - AP
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: OUTSTANDING: In Barrington Township, more Republican ballots were cast in the February 5 primary election than Democrat ballots.
-- VERY SAD BUT NOT SURPRISING: Democrats put Foster out front - David Beery
-- 42th Senate District: Holmes denies Metea site influence Dist. 204 is looking into claims state senator tried to stop land purchase - Justin Kmitch
-- It's Democrats who have failed agenda - Steve Toye, Naperville
-- Immigration wave linked to abortions - Dion F. Kendrick, Des Plaines
-- American Legion has the right approach to illegal immigration - Ronald R. Kowalski, Carpentersville
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Robert B. Morgan of Elburn blasts everyone and he especially blasts candidates and elected officials
-- Don't besmirch our fallen heroes in Iraq - Chris Knitter, Veteran, U.S. Army Honor Guard, Wheaton
-- Wheaton City Councilman Tom Mouhelis to lead Midwest Shelter for Homeless Veterans - Jim Fuller
-- Democratic Party chief Howard Dean says Barack Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton and their supporters should beware of tearing each other down, demoralizing the base and damaging the party's chances of winning the White House in November.
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: In a national radio address today, wealthy Foster to demonize the "wealthy," promote class warfare, promote government spending, and say nothing about his very serious divorce problems,2_1_AU29_FOSTER_S1.article
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: MONEY TALKS: Anti-America Hugo Chavez's Citgo (See gives $500,000 to Lemont Township,4_1_JO29_CITGO_S1.article
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Lights discourage crime, therefore, criminals must be overjoyed that some will turn off their lights at 8:00 PM tonight,3_6_EL29_EARTH_S1.article
-- Dr. Sauerberg takes aim at Durbin during Lincoln dinner - Jo Ann Hustis
-- World has stake in U.S. election "Those who seek America's defeat, or at a minimum retrenchment from the cause of defending freedom by those willing, as President John F. Kennedy said, to 'pay any price, bear any burden' for liberty's success, wish Obama wins the presidency." - Salim Mansur
-- Why blacks vote against their own interests - Ellis Washington
-- VERY SAD: Black church leaders offer support for Wright - Terry Lee Goodrich
-- VERY SAD: Wright's views reflect those of liberal academics - Michael Smith
-- Chelsea votes for Hillary over Bill
-- OBAMA: "Had the reverend not retired, and had he not acknowledged that what he had said had deeply offended people and were inappropriate and mischaracterized what I believe is the greatness of this country, for all its flaws, then I wouldn't have felt comfortable staying at the church."
-- Clinton Camp Compares Rev. Wright to David Duke
-- One Reporter’s Opinion -- Obama Has Racist Agenda - George Putnam
-- 304,000 Inmates Eligible for Deportation, Official Says - Julia Preston
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Five grown women gush over Obama on "The View"
-- At the Barricades In the Gender Wars Clinton's women supporters fear her bid has unleashed a sexist backlash - Jonathan Kaufman and Carol Hymowitz
-- "Ongoing embarrassment:" Republican National Committee vice chair Bob Kjellander pressured by GOP to step down over Rezko ties - Andy Birkey;jsessionid=CB402488308052CA49DBBBFAEC122DCA?diaryId=3525
-- Obama explains Wright to "The View" girls - Fran Eaton (Includes video clip)
-- Foster replies to Pres. Bush (Saturday) and talks w/Berkowitz (Friday) on telecom immunity


Friday, March 28, 2008

Capital debate in the Capitol

Gov. Rod Blagojevich is expected to host a series of leaders’ meetings at the executive mansion in Springfield starting April 10, according to a letter from former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert and Southern Illinois University President Glenn Poshard. The March 25th letter is addressed to all four top legislative leaders.

Republican Hastert and Democrat Poshard are co-chairing the governor’s coalition to promote his $25 billion capital program, called Illinois Works, and it seems as though they could serve as a much-needed buffer between the governor and the legislative leaders in what’s sure to be a contentious debate about financing the plan.

It’s hard to get excited about that debate. It seems as though Statehouse insiders still feel hung over from last year’s political stalemate, turmoil, disgrace — whatever you want to call it. The situation begs the question of how today’s capital debate differs from 1999, when then-Gov. George Ryan worked with the legislature to approve the last major capital plan in Illinois. That same year, they earmarked 51 percent of the state’s general funds for education and rewrote the state’s gaming law to allow a docked casino in Cook County.

Why could leaders of opposing political parties accomplish all that when today’s Democratically controlled legislature and executive branch have a hard time even meeting in the same room? Personalities, for one. Republican and former Sen. James “Pate” Phillip led the Senate in 1999. The current House Speaker, Michael Madigan, controlled the House then, too. But Madigan and Blagojevich drastically differ in personalities and leadership styles (see our March cover story). It also should be noted that the context of the 1999 debate was a much better economy with higher-than-expected revenues. Today’s revenue picture is much gloomier.

But Ryan himself was quoted as saying in Illinois Issues magazine that working with the legislature was the key. “That’s what government’s about, sitting down to negotiate your differences,” he said in our own Charlie Wheeler column in 1999. “I worked hard for people to cooperate, to make sure we got done what had to be done.”

Stay tuned next week when the legislature will spring back into action after a two-week break. The Capital Development Board will testify about a capital bill during a House committee at the same time Rep. Jack Franks, a Woodstock Democrat, is scheduled to hold a hearing about the governor's $1 million promise to the private Loop Lab School.


Report Highlights Lisa Madigan's Work

A new report by the Center for Justice & Democracy champions some of our country’s most important public advocates, the state Attorneys General (AGs). The study focuses on the state AG’s role in targeting corrupt and harmful business practices on behalf of state consumers. Our very own Lisa Madigan and her involvement in several federal lawsuits are highlighted. We at Illinois Deserves the Truth have applauded many actions her office has taken to protect Illinoisans and hold wrongdoers accountable.

The study mentions a number of recent settlements in which Madigan was involved, including those against pharmaceutical companies Purdue Pharma and Organon USA Inc., the selling of defective defibrillators by Boston Scientific Corp., and her work to combat tobacco companies’ misleading business practices.

CJ&D Executive Director, Joanne Doroshow, said,

"We tend to take for granted the important and sometimes understated work of state Attorneys General."
Madigan’s work isn't just undervalued, though. State AGs across the country are under attack by corporate special interests.
“A stealth corporate campaign is underway to keep them from accomplishing their job, both by treating with contempt their pro-consumer cases and by attacking their use of outside counsel, which AG's seek out to better protect consumers while saving taxpayers money. If these business groups are successful and prevent AGas from doing their job, the difference could means hundreds of millions of lost reimbursements for states due to corporate wrongdoing, not to mention countless lives."
This study just reminds us of the importance of public advocates like Madigan. State AGs and the private counsel helping them do all Illinoisans a service by exposing corporate wrongdoing.

You can find a copy of the report here.

Check out our blog at


Time to revisit hate crimes debate

Earlier this week we learned that the Governor’s Commission on Discrimination and Hate Crimes is currently member-less and inactive. What a pity, since another story from this week makes it clear that someone needs to re-examine the issue of hate crimes and make some sense out of it:

A St. Charles East High School student was in a Kane County courtroom Tuesday, accused of scrawling a racial epithet in his former girlfriend's locker in what his attorney called a teenage spat gone awry.

The 14-year-old boy, who is white, also is charged with creating an Internet image of a black man being lynched and sharing it with other students in the computer lab at St. Charles East.

The boy is facing felony charges that could put him in prison until he is 21.

What really blows my mind about this episode is that the school is planning to “design an education program to emphasize racial tolerance and understanding.” Forget, for a moment, that this boy was, presumably, racially tolerant and understanding enough to be in an inter-racial relationship in the first place. But consider the cognitive dissonance of expecting that he should know better (as the stiff punishment he now faces implies), while recognizing that there is a need to educate the rest of his classmates about this.

Seems to me that we are either holding him to a different standard, or the school is wasting time addressing an issue his classmates should also already be expected to understand.


Advocates, Sen. Steans Jolt Liquor Biz's Caffeine-Spiked Alcohol Drinks; Push Clear, Detailed Alcohol Content Warning Labels

(Chicago, IL) -- Advocates from the Illinois Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Association (IADDA) and State Sen. Heather Steans (D-Chicago) pushed their plan at a press conference this week to slap clear, detailed alcohol warning labels on the liquor industry's newest marketing invention to seduce teens into an early, boozy lifestyle--alcoholic energy drinks--like Sparks, Tilt, and Bud Extra.

Sparks, Tilt, Bud Extra? Sound unfamiliar?

They should--unless you're under 21 and hanging out in MySpace.Com, Facebook and the other kiddie social networking Web sites. That's where the liquor companies are plugging both their non-alcoholic energy drinks and their booze-addled cousins in virtually indistinguishable containers.

These hip, happenin', color-streaked containers and their itzy-bitzy, microscopic warning labels fool convenience store clerks, cops, and parents alike. Of course, which is the point.

Steans' legislation, SB 2472, proscribes the size, placement, etc. of alcohol content warning labels. The Senate Executive Committee approved the measure, 9-2, on March 12, but Steans is holding the bill on 2nd reading, because, of course, the deep-pocketed liquor companies have their knickers in a knot. They fear--expense. Egads.

But Steans and the advocates have a powerful ally--Illinois Attorney Lisa Madigan. A few weeks ago, Madigan stuck her neck out and told the Springfield State Journal-Register that the alcoholic energy drinks should be banned altogether. Kapow!

State Sens. Mattie Hunter, Maggie Crotty, Lou Viverito, Christine Radogno, Jacqueline Collins, Susan Garrett and Iris Martinez have joined as legislative co-sponsors. And had he wanted, State Senate President Emil Jones (D-Chicago) could have rubbed out the bill. He didn't.

Video clip of March 24 press conference available at Your Two Cents Less


GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - March 28, 2008

-- New Obama Girl video clip "Hillary! Stop the Attacks" could be secret GOP weapon - Frank James (Includes disgusting video clip)
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: BEYOND OUTRAGEOUS: Now, after all these many years of promoting Wright, Obama suggests that he might have left Wright's church if Wright had not retired,0,4221940.story
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Chicago Tribune Public Editor Timothy J. McNulty should acknowledge that his employer's top priority is to elect Democrats and to reelect Democrats, and not to report the news,1,5578993.column
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Cynthia Adams of Round Lake Heights praises Obama and Wright and condemns their critics,0,4215324.story
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Charles Ferris of Schaumburg praises Obama and condemns Obama's critics as being "angry people" who fail to "listen",0,3803507.story
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Bob Hays of Chicago praises Obama and Wright and condemns their critics,0,1575280.story
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Jon Thomas of Lombard equates Jeremiah Wright with David Duke,0,1182063.story
-- Obama Is No Kennedy - Emil J. Liebewein Jr., Palos Park,0,3017073.story
-- Denouncing racism - Dan Caponigri, Addison,0,2099568.story
-- FRONT PAGE TOP OF FOLD WITH 4X7-INCH COLOR PHOTO OF OBAMA WITH A CROSS BEHIND HIM: Obama and the "United Church of Christ:" Politics from the pulpit - David Beery
-- AS WELL IT SHOULD: Wright flap could cost Obama votes - AP
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Rev. Paul E. Flesner of Wheeling should blast Obama for not trying to stop Wright's hate speech, but instead, Flesner praises Obama for being "loyalty to his congregation"
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Obama promoter Tom Boyd of Hawthorn Woods fails to acknowledge that McCain never was a member of Hagee's church and that Guliani never was a member of Robertson's church
-- Laura, Jenna Bush to promote new book in Naperville Monday, April 28 - Bob Smith
-- Furstenau says he's willing to settle suit; Naperville still wants it dropped - Melissa Jenco
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Donald Waters of Elgin blasts negative campaigning
-- Blagojevich as president? - Shawn Killackey, Mundelein
-- Just like one big, happy family Former foes McCain, Romney are all smiles as they campaign together - Liz Sidoti,CST-NWS-mccain28.article
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Christopher Barron Biography
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Fan Eaton discusses the implications of Sauerberg's decision to hire Christopher Barron, a homosexual activist, to serve as his press secretary
-- Empower Republicans and you pull the plug on the Illinois Combine - Doug Ibendahl
-- Transparency legislation advances in Springfield - John Biver

-- Obama Hurting Democratic Party: Worse Yet, Obama/Wright Hurting America Obama's Pastor, Jeremiah Wright, May Be Setting U.S. Race Relations Back 20 Years - Daniel T. Zanoza
-- Rev. Wright Slurs Italians In 2007 Eulogy Chicago Italian Group Denounces Comments, Doesn't Blame Obama
-- Bloomberg, Obama Meeting Fuels Endorsement Rumors
-- Hastert: Nasty Primary Led To Democrat Win - Nancy Harty
-- Cultra, Rutherforth, and Sommer to host town hall meeting in Pontiac
-- VERY VERY VERY SAD: EBERLE: "What McCain is saying is that American interests are now up for veto by the collective "world body" and we must always get permission before action is taken."
-- Clinton camp not worried about divided party
-- VERY VERY VERY SAD: Poll Shows Wright Controversy Doesn’t Hurt Obama - Susan Davis
-- OUTSTANDING: Pennsylvania judge sentences 3 to learn English
-- Poll: 1 in 10 believe Obama is a Muslim
-- Religious Faith Not Helping Obama - Rachel Zoll
-- "Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama appear to agree on one thing: Democratic voters will coalesce around a nominee and carry him or her to victory in November over Republican John McCain."
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: A "Republican strategist who is familiar with Freedom's Watch's thinking" says "Oberweis was a fundamentally flawed candidate, and the election results validated that for a fourth consecutive time." But what if this "strategist," who outrageously hides behind anonymity, is "fundamentally flawed" himself?
-- Rosanna Pulido: Immigration Reform Activist Turned FAIR Field Representative
-- Things that I hope that every Republican Precinct Committeemen in Illinois has already done or will do shortly - Dave Diersen (3/28/08 News Clips page)


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Where the Sun Don't Shine

So here I was, all ready to give the CTA kudos for a good green initiative - and they had to shoot themselves in their mass transit foot.

First, the good news. The CTA had the foresight to purchase a new Big Belly Solar Compactor. According to the BigBelly website, the new high-tech trash can is a:
“compacting trash receptacle that is completely self-powered. Instead of requiring a grid connection, BigBelly uses solar power for 100% of its energy needs. The unit takes up as much space as the "footprint" of an ordinary receptacle—but its capacity is five times greater. Increased capacity reduces collection trips and can cut fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions by 80%. BigBelly also provides cost efficiencies from labor savings, fuel cost and maintenance savings, as well as environmental benefits from reduced emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants. Safe, easy to use, and designed to keep out pests, the BigBelly has already proven its worth in urban streets, parks, colleges, arenas—and in all weather conditions.”
So far, so good, right? A spiffy-looking trash can, with a big fat solar panel on top, that will help keep stations cleaner and be environmentally friendly at the same time.

What could be wrong with that?

Well nothing, except for the fact that this solar-powered uber-trash can is located
at the underground Red Line State/Lake subway station.

Sure, the Lake street station has been spiffed up, with more fluorescent lighting added in recent months, but someone should tell the CTA that the sun don’t shine 30 feet under the intersection of State and Lake.

Big Belly can, of course, be plugged in for indoor use.

Hat tip: David Naunton

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GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - March 27, 2008

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Sauerberg Hires Christopher Hage, 36, of Wheaton to Manage His U.S. Senate Campaign
-- Who would Blagojevich appoint if Obama wins? - Bernard Schoenburg
-- Political consultant Rod McCulloch convicted of perjury - James Fuller FULLER: "McCulloch was once a consultant to the likes of former House Speaker Dennis Hastert and Congressman Peter Roskam." GUMM: "I'm disappointed he wasn't found guilty of the forgeries . . . I don't feel everything has come onto the table in this. There's more to the situation that hasn't been told."
-- Another term is all Jesse White wants Secretary of state says he has no interest in running for U.S. Senate - Nick Shields
-- All want a piece of new DuPage money Spending requests quickly outpace what the county will get - Jake Griffin
-- Naperville: Wehrli blames Furstenau suit for tax hike - Melissa Jenco
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Daily Herald outrageously argues that the solution to immigrant overcrowding is "complex," when in fact, the solution is obvious - end illegal immigration and end excessive legal immigration
-- Political consultant Rod McCulloch guilty of fraud in 2005 Milton Township assessor's race - Art Barnum,1,4490093.story
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Obama contradicts his spiritual leader and says "God bless America",1,4040438.story
-- VERY SAD: Barack Obama defends former pastor Jeremiah Wright as furor continues - AP,rev022608.article
-- Schillerstrom's win-win deal Conflict? DuPage official's law firm paid to represent county agency - Thomas Frisbie,CST-NWS-watchdog27.article
-- Jim Ryan: "saddened" by Levine revelations - Dave McKinney
(Not posted as of 6:00 AM)
-- Westmont Man Rodney McCulloch Guilty Of Perjury In Election Fraud Case

-- McCulloch found guilty of perjury in election petition case (3/27/08 News Clips page)
-- Judge Michael Burke says consultant Rodney McCulloch likely didn't forge signatures (DIERSEN QUESTION FOR JUDGE BURKE: Then who forged the signatures?) - Jennifer Golz,6_1_NA27_MCCOLLOCH_S1.article
-- Furstenau blasted for suit Wehrli says $600,000 in legal fees 'unnecessary' - Mike Mitchell,6_1_NA27_WEHRLI_S1.article
-- DuPage County board split on use of millions in new revenue - Paige Winfield,6_1_NA27_COUNTY_S1.article
-- DuPage County Clerk’s office announces 2007 property tax rates - Dan Petrella
-- Obama fails in facing challenge posed by pastor's demagoguery - Fran Eaton,032708eaton.article
-- Kane County looks at priorities for new sales tax - Steve Lord,2_1_AU27_SALES_S1.article
-- Chicago area enjoyed mini population boom last year - Greg Hinz (DIERSEN QUESTION: How many of those attracted here a) lack education and/or job skills and/or have severe heath, financial, and other problems and b) came here to take advantage of the amnesty and welfare that Blagojevich and Obama promise?)
-- Rutherford pushing for recall amendment - Diane Wilkins
-- U.S. Senate Sauerberg candidate to give keynote speech in Minooka - Michael Farrell
-- Conservative Blacks call for apology from Jeremiah Wright - Fran Eaton
-- Peraica Introduces Resolution to Rescind Cook County Home Rule - Fran Eaton
-- Can the Obama Campaign survive the Pastor Disaster? - Jeff Berkowitz
-- VERY SAD: Former Romney supporter Douglas Kmiec Explains His Support for Obama - Tony Mauro


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A throwback - Trib buys the Chicago Cubs

So far they haven't posted this vid on YouTube yet, but I just want to share this. FuzzyMemories had video from 1981 discussing the sale of the Chicago Cube to the Tribune Company. Appropriate to look at this history as in 2008 the Cubs are on the auction block. Also we're looking at whether or not the Cubs might have to play at US Cellular Field whenever Wrigley Field is sold to the state and renovated. Oh and I should also add that the new Tribune owner, Sam Zell, is floating the idea of selling naming rights for Wrigely Field.

And after the Cubs story apparently the Chicago Public Schools had money problems and this wouldn't allow for the schools to open on time. Well don't ask me what happened with that history I have no idea. Perhaps someone can enlighten me.

Beyond that story there's the US selling arms to China. President Reagan goes after the Democratic Congress for attempting to undercut his economic program. And they show video of his press conference where he discusses possibly running for re-election. They also mentioned the assasination attempt in addition to news about Reagan's press secretary James Brady who was shot in this episode. The Reagan White House said they wouldn't issue anymore bulletins about Brady. They also teased a story about John Cardinal Cody being in the hospital and flooding in Northwest Indiana and the south suburbs.


Vacant lots employ no one

The former Dominick's grocery store on the left employs no one. Just as the vacant lot at 83rd and Stewart on Chicago's South Side doesn't have anyone on its payroll.

Wal-Mart, the world's largest corporation, wants to build a store at 83rd and Stewart, and help revitalize an area that has few if any large grocery stores--a "food desert."

And some people want to keep it that way.

The Chicago Tribune, free registration may be required for the link, has an editorial today that about that lot. It's part of the Chatham Market redevelopment plan, and a clause in that plan calls for Chicago City Council approval for any store selling groceries with over 100,000 square feet. Two years ago, the council passed an ordinance, which was vetoed by Mayor Richard Daley, that would've forced any store with over 100,000 square feet of retail space, a "Big Box," to pay its workers more than smaller retailers. If that bill had becoome law, it would've been a disaster for Chicagoans. Fewer jobs, higher prices for goods.

From the Tribune editorial:

Despite the size trigger in the Chatham Market development and the now-defunct Big Box ordinance, this controversy has always been more about what's on the shelves than how many shelves there are. Wal-Mart is the nation's largest retailer—and the nation's largest grocer. Organized labor is determined to protect its unionized ranks at area Jewel and Dominick's grocery stores. That means it's determined to keep Wal-Mart and its big grocery departments out of Chicago.

Like Wal-Mart's employees, Lowe's workers also are non-union. Lowe's opened its 117,000-square-foot store in Chatham Market in December. Nobody protested. Lowe's doesn't sell groceries.

The city's latest rejection may not be the last turn of this wheel. Wal-Mart hasn't given up and neither has Ald. Howard Brookins (21st), who represents this area and knows how eager his constituents are for the hundreds of jobs and shopping convenience Wal-Mart would bring. But making this happen requires political courage from the mayor and from aldermen not beholden to labor. And there isn't much evidence of that.

The original developers of Chatham Market, Monroe Investment Partners LLC, vowed four years ago that "Wal-Mart is not now, and will not be, a part of our development." They might have added: A vacant lot is so much better.

Meanwhile, the food desert problem persists in Chicago and other large cities. The City of Chicago is aware of the problem, and as I noted in the related post, they are working to recruit medium-sized grocers (that means not Wal-Mart or Target) into the deserts.

Some people just don't get it.

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The good life of working for the UFCW
Union leaders don't share their members pain
Chicago food desert update: Hyde Park Co-op to close
Big-box shy Chicago facing "food desert"

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Kensington Research's Frank Dal Bello appears on WGN-Radio

This afternoon, Bill Moller, subbing for regular WGN-Radio mid-day host John Williams, interviewed Frank Dal Bello of Kensington Research and Recovery, a Chicago-based firm. Eight days ago I related my experience with an overpayment we made to the Cook County Treasurer's Office. Maria Pappas is the Cook County treasurer. We received an official, scary looking property tax bill from the county, in the name of our home's previous owner, which we paid. Like most people these days, our property tax bill is included in our mortgage payment. As I explained in that post, it was a struggle to get our money back.

Dal Bello reiterated what I wrote last week, "If the county was doing its job, there would be no need for (Kensington) to exist."

The treasurer's office claims it's quite easy to recover overpayments, but does not automatically inform property owners that they've paid too much. Dal Bello says "some letters are sent, but it's just enough of an effort to say they're doing something."

According to Dal Bello, about 20,000 Cook taypayers overpay annually.

That sounds like the Cook County I know. Along those same lines, no one from the treasurer's office bothered to appear with Dal Bello and Moller.

About Kensington: Like the better known Keane Tracers, Kensington searches public records to find unclaimed monies. While searching Cook County records, it finds overpayments and double-payments. They inform the individuals who've overpaid, and the offer to get their cash back--Kensington keeps half.

This is important: After five years, if the overpayers do not collect their money, the county keeps it, Dal Bello added that "there is no recourse to recover this money" after that time has passed. Dal Bello believes that "roughly $20 million is kept by the county."

Yes, it may not seem fair that Kensington keeps half of the money they find as its commission. But as I stated in my post last week, and Dal Bello reiterated it, many people instead head to the Cook County Treasurer's web site, or call a special telephone number and begin the process, a difficult one I'd like to add, of getting their money back. But not everyone has internet access.

A bill in the Illinois General Assembly will limit fees companies like Kensington can charge to just a 10 percent cut. Fair? Perhaps. But it will put Kensington out of business. And it may mean the county, which just raised upped its sales tax levy by one percent, will keep even more money.

Kensington's Dal Bello believes that of Illinois' 102 counties, Cook is the only one that doesn't automatically inform taxpayers that they've paid too much.

County officials told WGN's Moller, off-air, that because of the enormity of Cook's population, over 5.3 million people, that it's too difficult to do.

But would an earnest effort by Maria Pappas' office cost more than $20 million? Or $1 million? The government, and I may be naïve on this point, is supposed to exist to serve the people--not the other way around.

Related Marathon Pundit post:

Cook County treasurer's office working against taxpayers

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State Rep. Hamos Holds House Budget Hearing, Says to Social Service Providers: Get Real, No Money

(Chicago, IL) -- Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan (D-Chicago) is organizing 19 regional budget hearings on this year's state spending plan, and State Rep. Julie Hamos (D-Evanston), right, chaired one such hearing in her district on Monday and was struck dumb by the multi-million dollar requests from social service providers despite an empty state treasury.

Hamos and State Rep. Lisa Dugan (D-Kankakee), who also chaired a budget hearing in Kankakee, appeared on WBEZ's 848 program, hosted by Gabriel Spitzer, to discuss their findings.

During the program, Hamos expressed dismay at providers' unrealistic budget requests totaling hundreds of millions of dollars, and Dugan expressed annoyance that Gov. Rod Blagojevich's office held a hearing earlier in the day to compete with Dugan's and later handed out brochures during her hearing to undercut the event.

The lawmakers also poured iced, cold water on the Governor's billion dollar tax credit initiatives, saying those too are unrealistic when the cupboard is bare.

They conveyed a deep foreboding on a likelihood of a swift budget resolution this year, noting budget talks have yet even to begin. Not pretty.

Audio of Hamos and Dugan interview at Your Two Cents Less


GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - March 26, 2008

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY VERY VERY SAD: Dillard's TV ad praising Obama is "airing in Pennsylvania." Hopefully, Dillard will soon air a TV ad in Pennsylvania blasting Obama for staying with the hate-filled Wright for so many years. (Includes very sad video clip)

-- Clinton: Wright 'would not have been my pastor' - Andy Shaw (Includes video clip)
-- Chelsea Clinton startled by Monica query "I do not think that is any of your business" - AP
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Illinois lawmakers looking for ways to increase taxes to pay for transit projects (Includes Andy Shaw video clip)

-- Chelsea Stunned By Monica Lewinsky Question "I do not think that is any of your business" - AP
-- Citing Security, Obama's Pastor Cancels Appearance However, Tampa Police Say Plenty Of Officers Were Ready To Handle Event (Includes video clip)

-- FRONT PAGE TOP OF FOLD IN DUPAGE EDITION WITH COLOR PHOTO OF ROD MCCULLOCH: DIERSEN HEADLINE: McCulloch nomination petition fraud trial finally starts, Daily Herald calls it an "insider fraud trial," and McCulloch blames four homeless men he hired. DAILY HERALD REPORTER FULLER: "McCulloch perhaps is best known for running Republican John Borling's primary campaign for the U.S. Senate seat ultimately won by Democrat Barack Obama. Borling fired McCulloch after McCulloch tried to circulate salacious details about the divorce of Borling's Republican opponent, Jack Ryan, from actress Jeri Ryan."
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: The Daily Herald is overjoyed that Hastert and Poshard are taking the lead to find ways to increase taxes to pay for transit projects
-- VERY SAD: Transit backers seeking money - Joseph Ryan
-- FRONT PAGE IN DUPAGE EDITION: DuPage County Sheriff Zaruba wants $1.8 million to cover overtime, deputy pay hikes - Jake Griffin (DIERSEN QUESTION: How much less would Zaruba have to ask for if so many were not so successful in attracting so many people to DuPage County who have severe health, financial, and other problems?)
-- OUTSTANDING: Lawyers don't foresee suits against NIU - AP
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: BEYOND OUTRAGEOUS: "Latinos United" a) does not want occupancy codes enforced when the occupants are Latino and b) blames "exploitative landlords," not Latinos, for Latino overcrowding. What if the exploitative landlord is a Latino?
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Naperville "food and beverage" consumers pay $2.6 million in taxes so that Naperville can give away $2.6 million for "cultural events and projects"
-- A heaping of Foster praise -- for what? - John Skaritka, Elgin
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: THIS LETTER READS LIKE IT WAS WRITTEN BY A DEMOCRAT: "Life-long Republican" Richard "Dick" Rehwaldt of Algonquin agrees with the Democrat Daily Herald, blasts Republicans, provides "guidance" to Republicans, and hopes his "pride in being a Republican" will return when Republicans discard "insulting robo-calling, excessive mailings and scorched-earth tactics" and return to "the much longed for civility and sincere respectability."
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Daily Herald publishes letter from Al Mott of Palatine that ridicules President Bush
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Democrat Karen Wagner of Rolling Meadows outrageously equates Obama's relationship with Wright with McCain's relationship with Hagee

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: 8th Congressional District: Chicago Sun-times promotes Bean, blasts Greenberg
-- Hillary retaliates, rips Wright amidst her false claim Deflects attention from false claim of facing sniper fire a week after Obama's race speech - Lynn Sweet,CST-NWS-sweet26.article
-- Lynn Sweet on MSNBC on Clinton's "not have been my pastor" RE: Rev. Wright and her "misspeak" of facing Bosnia sniper fire (Includes video clip)
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: NOT SURPRISING: Democrat Black Woman Mary Mitchell Blasts Democrat White Woman Hillary Clinton For Blasting Democrat Black Male Jeremiah Wright,CST-NWS-mitch26.article
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: NOT SURPRISING: Democrat White Male Andrew Greeley Blasts Democrat White Woman Hillary Clinton For Blasting Democrat Black Male Jeremiah Wright,CST-EDT-greel26.article

-- GOP congressional hopeful Ozinga has history of giving to Democrats: $23,000 to Blagojevich, $7,000 to Vallas, $2,000 to Chico Concrete businessman trying to replace Weller in 11th District - Kenneth Lowe
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Kurt Budke of Bloomington makes excuses for Obama and Wright

-- 11th Congressional District: Republican Seeks Vacant House Slot in Illinois - Amid Democratic Flak - Jack Mellyn

-- GOP to Local Businessmen: I Love You What is it about the Illinois state GOP and their mega-crush on local business tycoons? "Federal Election Commission records also indicate that Ozinga gave $10,000 to Blagojevich's campaign in 2005, and that he made a $1000 contribution to Dick Durbin's campaign." - Kevin Robinson

-- Ozinga enters race for Congress Sere said the donations to Democrats "demonstrates he's someone who would work across the aisle with other Democrats in Congress to get positive things done for the district." - Edward Felker

-- VERY SAD: Villa Park OKs zoning change for OTB; suburb to get 1 percent of bets Suburb to take in 1 percent of bets, also gain eatery - Joseph Sjostrom and Gary Gibula,0,3144891.story
-- DuPage sheriff's deputies a step closer to higher starting salary - Joseph Sjostrom,1,1246578.story

-- Hillary Hits Obama: I Would Have Quit Church

-- Obamas’ Tax Returns Show Donation Spike - Leslie Wayne

-- GOP state parties are in dire straits - David Kuhn & Charles Mathtesian

-- Covering a phenomenon Reporter David Mendell had full access to Barack Obama before anyone else - Matt Baron

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: COMBINE IS OVERJOYED: Anonymous person who wants to be known as: Conservative Tired of Combine Drivel
takes the blame for the Illinois Republican Party's problems off the Combine and puts it on Illinois Republicans


-- Tom Mouhelis named MSHV Executive Director (3/26/08 News Clips page)

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Past/present Corvette owners include Joe Biden, Barry Goldwater, John McCain, Colin Powell, and Clarence Thomas. Diersen has owned a 1972 Corvette since 1971 and a 2005 Corvette since 2005. Diersen urges all Republicans, especially Republican candidates, Republican elected officials, and Republican party leaders, to own and drive American nameplate vehicles. (Files page)


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