Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dock Walls: tough on crime

I remember when crime was the conservative's issue. Now ex-Harold-Washington-aid and Mayoral Candidate Bill Dock Walls is telling me Mayor Daley is letting killers go free citing a Pam Zekman story.

From my latest Walls email.

According to Pam Zeckman, WBBM Channel 2 Investigative Reporter, over the past several years the City of Chicago Police Department has classified far fewer deaths as homicides than the Chief Medical Examiner of Cook County has found and recorded. Daley's police initially classify murders as "Death Investigations" and later insist strangulation and stabbing victims died of natural causes. Despite the efforts of police personnel to dispute the Medical Examiner's findings, Dr. Edmund Donoghue insists his findings are accurate.

If Dr. Donoghue is correct, Chicago Police are allowing hundreds of people to get away with murder. These killers, who are not being sought by police, need not fear ever being caught, accused, tried or convicted. In fact, these killers are free to roam the streets and possibly kill again.

Although Police Superintendent Cline has indicated he will assign one of his top deputies to examine the cases in question, I am not satisfied that this investigation will be done in good faith, nor in a timely manner. I am concerned that during this election season the Daley administration will attempt to stall this investigation or sweep the ugly truth under the rug.

Mayor Daley should immediately appoint a blue ribbon commission to reconcile the last 6 years of city homicide statistics. Furthermore, Daley should not announce any re-election plans, nor should he submit Nomination Papers, until this matter is satisfactorily resolved.

This apparent systematic underreporting of murder to bolster the Mayors image is serious. Daley shoulders the responsibility for placing all Chicagoans at risk. It is another example of Daley administration corruption with great potential to hurt average people. Daley should get no satisfaction or reward from putting people at risk.


Anonymous,  9:29 PM  

What is the qoute about lies and statistics?

fedup dem,  9:54 AM  

Oh Lord, how long must we continue to suffer in so many ways under the despot Daley? Oh being us relief quickly, if not at the polls on February 27 or April 17, then by the hand of thy servant, the US Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois. AMEN.

Lovie's Leather 3:52 PM  

I agree with everything Walls said except, "Furthermore, Daley should not announce any re-election plans, nor should he submit Nomination Papers, until this matter is satisfactorily resolved." I think that is kind of a ridiculous and farfetched thing to say. But he could acuse Daley of almost anything and he would be right! Go Dock Go!!!

Peter Dignan,  11:04 PM  

How can Daley run for Mayor while the Burge and dozen of other corrupt Police officers have 200 plus torture victims? Electrocution of genitals, genital mutilation, suffocation with typewriter covers, Russian roullette, INNOCENT MEN ON DEATH ROW

Daley was State's Attorney, Tricky Slick Dick Devine was State's Attorney (and Devine still says that Burge did not torture anybody after 2 OPS reports and the Special Prosecutors report)
than Daley was Mayor and promoted torturers and other torturers landed up on the staff of the Sheriff and State's Attorney.

How can any Black man in good conscience stand with Daley until this matter is cleared up?

There should not be torture in Chicago.

Jerry 9:25 AM  

As a partisan democrat, let me just say: Daley's gotta go!

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