Friday, December 22, 2006

Chicago Post Office Skips Even "Happy Holidays"

McHenry County Blog posted stamps and cancellations as a “Message of the Day” earlier this week.

The most Christmassy postmark found was “Happy Holidays.”

Today, the Skinner household received a card from Chicago and not even “Happy Holidays” was on the cancellation.

What is that all about?

First posted at McHenry County Blog.


Skeeter,  11:14 AM  

Do you really need the United States Post Office's holiday wishes?

They should focus on delivering the mail in a timely manner. When they get that done they can worry about appropriate holiday greetings.

Anonymous,  2:42 PM  

More nonsense for the Country to endure walk on Eggs is the Mantra now and watch who you just might offend. Sure they should concentrate on the mail thats what they do but this is silly. Do we still reside in the USA? Just wondering. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Skeeter,  4:10 PM  


Let me get this right:

According to you, living in America means that the United States Post Office should adopt an official religion?

You sure have a funny interpretion of what America should stand for.

And an interesting view of limited govermment. According to my anon friend, the federal government, through its semi-official Post Office, should be in the business of promoting religion.

Doesn't seem very limited to me.

Will 6:28 PM  

Its about people having better things to worry about.

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