Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Draft Obama ad

This ad by the Draft Obama campaign is set to run in New Hampshire soon. Not bad, but they could have used audio from more than just The Speech.

Update: As several people have pointed out to me, the audio is from several sources not just The Speech. My mistake.


Anonymous,  10:32 AM  

That audio isn't even from "THE SPEECH" it's from a campaign swing in 06.

Levois 12:34 PM  

He speaks very well. He speaks very much about what he thinks ought to be. Now my question is on specifics. If he wants to be president he needs to get to specifics.

Giving his feel good speeches are good for being a senator but if he wants to be president he needs to get down to specifics.

Anonymous,  10:51 AM  

All this person does is post these clips with no content. What is the point. It seems like an add. Is there fair time here?

Lovie's Leather 1:04 PM  

"And we have a right to not do anything for ourselves. And we have the right to the government doing everything for us. And we have a right to have a living wage whether we work or not. And everyone should be able to retire with dignity at age 30. And we have a right to quality healthcare that the governmnet should provide us free of charge. And we have a right to give our lives with out question to an Obama government. And we have a right to create a new socialism in our time."

Bridget 9:03 AM  

Anonymous, "this person" is insanely busy on a campaign at the moment.

I'd love to spend more time writing insiteful commentary, but my time is not my own these days.

Lotsa love,


Kevin 11:08 AM  

"And we have a right to create a new socialism in our time."

Lovie: You're damn right. I'm starting to think Obama is the reincarnation of Franklin Roosevelt.

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