Monday, December 11, 2006

Now You See It...

From tragedy springs renewed controversy. In the aftermath of Friday's law firm shooting, the Illinois State Rifle Association has announced that it is renewing efforts to legalize concealed carry in our state.

Executive Director Richard Pearson (who is actually a very nice guy) issued a statement which said in part:
One has to wonder how the outcome may have differed had any of the law office staff been trained and licensed to carry a defensive firearm. Unfortunately, the answer to that question will remain unknown as Illinois is one of only 2 states in the nation that prohibit law abiding citizens from carrying firearms as a means of self defense. Indeed, the outcome would be hard to predict, but at least the people in that office would have been given a fighting chance to survive.

In response to Friday's tragedy, the Illinois State Rifle Association will be drafting legislation that will provide well trained, law-abiding citizens the opportunity to carry defensive firearms. That legislation will be introduced into both chambers of the General Assembly early next year.

Whereas those lobbying against concealed carry laws can muster only invective and hyperbole to support their opposition, the facts undeniably demonstrate that reduction in violent crime accompanies the implementation of laws allowing citizens to carry defensive firearms. It is time for the Illinois General Assembly to recognize that citizens can be trusted with the awesome responsibility of defending themselves, their homes, and their families.

I understand the arguments, I have read John Lott's work, yet I remain unpersuaded. While I acknoweldge that the gun control pendulum may have overswung in certain instances, I simply cannot fathom a net societal gain stemming from the allowance of concealed carry, especially in urban areas such as the one I represent.

I will try to monitor this post, but I have a hectic couple of days ahead, so feel free to debate this amongst yourselves if you're so inclined.

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