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Mayor Daley Speaks on Aug 25

Mayor Richard M. Daley speaks before the Illinois Delegation to the Democratic Convention in Denver on August 25th. The video is 3:36 minutes long.


Cong. Phil Hare Talks to the Delegates

Congressman Phil Hare speaks to the Illinois Delegation to the Democratic Convention in Denver on Tuesday, August 26th.


16th Race Heats Up: Abboud Takes on Manzullo for Debate Statements

Labor Day is the traditional beginning of political campaigns and Robert Abboud, the Democratic Party candidate for 16th congressional district United States Representative Don Manzullo's is taking the opportunity to blast his GOP opponent for things he said in a Thursday Rockford television debate.

Here it is:

Abboud: Let Me Educate You Mr. Manzullo

Abboud Demands Manzullo Answer for his Own Record on Trade, Off-Shoring Jobs, Tax Breaks for Companies Operating Overseas

ROCKFORD – Bob Abboud, Democratic challenger in Illinois 16th Congressional district, called on his Republican opponent to own up to his clear record of supporting the off-shoring of American jobs, favored nation trading status with China and tax breaks for companies who move their operations overseas, after being accused of misrepresenting facts and needing ‘to be educated’ on facts related to Rep. Manzullo’s record on these critical issues.

During the live debate on WIFR-23 in Rockford, Manzullo repeatedly told Abboud he ‘needed to be educated’ on the incumbent’s record. Abboud wasted no time in calling into question Manzullo’s own grasp of the facts.

Either my opponent has been in office so long he can’t remember, or he is afraid to own up to the damaging policies he has supported,” Abboud said. “I have the facts, and apparently I must educate Mr. Manzullo. Since he took office in 1992 he has had a clear record of supporting unfair trade with China and corporations who avoid taxation and ship jobs overseas.”

Manzullo, despite claiming the title of ‘Mr. Manufacturing’, has voted repeatedly for tax breaks and trade policies that favor overseas companies and the off shoring of American jobs. Over the past 16 years Don Manzullo has been one of the chief architects of policies that have resulted in the 11 percent unemployment rate in Rockford, the decline in family household incomes and the loss of thousands of jobs in the 16th District. During his term Manzullo voted for the following:

  • The Singapore Trade Agreement which directly led to the loss of 100 Rockford jobs at Hamilton Sundstrand

  • Voted 7 times for most favored nation trading status and improved trading status for China

  • Voted against restricting nuclear sales to China

  • Voted to support international loans for China

  • Voted for foreign companies to receive Homeland Security contracts

  • Voted against preventing American companies from laying off more U.S. workers than foreign workers

  • Voted to give overseas companies federal contracts

  • Voted for $12.8 billion in corporate tax breaks, allowing multinational companies with extensive offshore operations to fully use foreign tax credits to offset their tax liability.

For 16 years Mr. Manzullo has depended upon people looking the other way and his extraordinary talent for duplicity” said Michael Carroll, Communications Director for the Abboud campaign. “He says he wants to support manufacturing and he will give you a long list of tiny accomplishments that he believes proves his support of working families. But the second we turn our backs, Mr. Manzullo is voting to ship our jobs overseas and giving companies that do it a tax break. Enough is enough – the families struggling to make ends meet in our community deserve better, they deserve the truth.”

With documented unemployment in the Rockford drifting further and further into double digits, Abboud says the 16th District communities can no longer afford to suffer Don Manzullo’s broken promises and failed leadership.

Our community needs a Congressman who understands how critical manufacturing is, a congressman who has run a business and created jobs,” Abboud said. “My opponent has never run a business and it’s clear he doesn’t understand how important manufacturing is to this district. If we want new jobs then we can’t suffer any more of Don Manzullo’s empty rhetoric and do nothing policies.”

To read Abboud’s economic platform and plan to bring jobs back to the 16th District, visit

= = = = =
On top you see the three candidates for the 16th congressional seat. From left to right are Green Party candidate Scott Summers, Democratic Party candidate Robert Abboud and Republican Party incumbent and candidate for re-election Don Manzullo. I do not know the names of the WIRF-23 folks asking the questions.

Posted first at McHenry County Blog, which has a story about Congressman Don Manzullo's talk to NFIB members and Democrats celebrating in a non-union Holiday Inn they boycotted for their Jefferson Day Dinner.


Congressman Bobby Rush flies with the eagles in his speech before the Illinois Delegation at the Democratic Convention on Wednesday, August 27th. Rush's comments touched Jesse Jackson, Jr considerably and led to Jackson's "hug-a-thon." The video is 11:22 minutes long. You can download it here for viewing on your iPod etc.


GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - August 31, 2008

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Andre Salles writes about McCain delegates Pat and Julie Brady, Tom Cross, Penny Falcon, Mike Fortner, Dennis Hastert, Tim O'Neil, Ray Pawlak, Keith Wheeler, and Gabriela Wyatt,3_1_EL31_A1GOPDELS_S1.article,2_1_AU31_GOPDELS_S1.article

-- Southern Illinois Republicans optimistic - Blackwell Thomas

-- Local delegates ready for convention Central Illinoisans excited about gathering with fellow Republicans in St. Paul - Adriana Colindres

-- Locals head for "historic" GOP convention - Steve Whitworth

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: The Combine controlled Chicago Sun-Times works hard to demoralize Illinois Republicans, again,CST-NWS-illgop31.article

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: The Combine controlled Chicago Tribune promotes Jim Edgar, again,0,5418111.story
-- With Palin announcement, Quayle hunt gets under way - John Kass,0,7613952.column
-- Palin: A woman changes the game - Editorial,0,3927517.story
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Clarence Page blasts Palin,0,5921458.column

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: The Combine controlled Daily Herald works hard to demoralize Illinois Republicans, again
(FROM THE EDITORIAL: Even with their eyes set on a hopeful future, Illinois Republican Party elders carry the party baggage into the Xcel Center this week. After all, if it wasn't for the state party's implosion during Barack Obama's 2004 Senate bid perhaps the Chicago Democrat wouldn't be the presidential nominee today. When Republican nominee Jack Ryan dropped out of the race amid a sex scandal, party officials couldn't come up with a replacement - leading social conservatives to fly in perennial lightening rod Alan Keyes. Obama trounced Keyes with more than 70 percent of the vote. Keyes is merely the most illustrative example of the state Republican Party's failure to field quality candidates. Most recently, Republicans lost the congressional seat held by retiring U.S. Rep. Dennis Hastert, the longest serving House GOP speaker. "There is no question the Republican organization got comfortable and there is no question that due to failures in leadership, people got turned off to the party," says Illinois Republican Chairman Andy McKenna. "That has been a challenge." Meanwhile, House Republican leader Tom Cross is defending several more seats this year than he is able to try and win back to his side of the aisle. Most of the contentious ones are in the Northwest suburbs. Cross sees hope, but not a real change until the statewide 2010 elections. "In 2010 - I think it can be a lot better for us," he says. "We are playing defense right now. That is the bottom line." Republican officials are looking at places where the party has done well for inspiration. McKenna points to Peter Roskam's 2006 victory in a fierce, costly fight with Democrat Tammy Duckworth for U.S. Rep. Henry Hyde's old suburban seat. Party officials also see promise in the congressional bid of state Rep. Aaron Schock in Peoria, who was just 23 when he won his Springfield seat in 2005, making him the youngest Illinois lawmaker ever. Then there is Committeeman-elect Brady, of St. Charles. He was nominated by party insiders this summer to replace embattled committeeman Bob Kjellander. McKenna says Brady's background as a former federal prosecutor was fitting given his predecessor's repeated "ethical issues." "I think he is a good example of the contrast with our own past," McKenna says. Kjellander's name came up in the trial of Tony Rezko, who orchestrated a kickback scheme by trading on his clout with Gov. Rod Blagojevich. Prosecutors said conspirators in the case said Kjellander, long close to Bush insider Karl Rove, was working to oust U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald. Kjellander denies the allegations and has not been charged with any wrongdoing. Regardless, finding fresh faces will be critical to moving the Republican Party forward, GOP officials say. It is clear, though, that settling on the next Republican party leaders will not be easy. In a recent Daily Herald survey, suburban Republican delegates to the convention offered a scattershot of names when asked who they wanted to be the GOP nominee for governor in 2010. Some of the delegates offered as many as three answers. Those most often mentioned included state Sen. Kirk Dillard, House Republican leader Cross, state Sen. Bill Brady, DuPage County Chairman Bob Schillerstrom, DuPage County State's Attorney Joe Birkett and state Rep. Jim Durkin. Despite the lack of agreement and a general dispirited state, many party faithful remain ready to hit the ground running. They are looking to the convention for direction, but they are more so looking to future elections for redemption. "I know a lot of parties and social events are planned for Minnesota, which is fine," said delegate Mary Jo Mikottis of Elmhurst in a Daily Herald survey. "But I am hoping we also will be taking time and spending resources on working to win elections.")
-- Illinois convention delegates offer diversity of political experience - David Beery
-- McCain choice of Palin brings St. Paul to life - Editorial
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: The Daily Herald charges many DuPage County police officers with racial discrimination. Why doesn't the Daily Herald identify those officers by name so they can defend themselves? The Daily Herald says "Many fellow officers refused to ride with (a black police officer) or back him up on calls. He often endured racial slurs and other bigotry." Needless-to-say, anyone who discriminates should prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Pro-animal anti-human Brien Comerford of Glenview blasts Palin

-- When politicians hug, you're in trouble - Phil Kadner,083108Kadner.article
-- Southland Republicans like Palin - Nathaniel Zimmer,083108palin.article
-- In Cook County, recall alive for November - Kristen McQueary,083108mcqueary.article

-- OUTRAGEOUS: Meeks’ protest deserves a look - Editorial
-- Illinois economic growth ranks low - Dog Finke
-- Don't read too much into that hug - Doug Finke

-- Now it's the Republicans' turn - Larry Eichel

-- LaHood praises McCain’s choice for vice president Says picking Palin shows independence - Bernard Schoenburg

-- Berkowitz to join Republican political consultant Charlie Johnston tonight on Roeser's radio show

-- Obama is a "kind and decent man" -- Where's the Proof? - Daniel T. Zanoza

-- Bloggers Plan To Blanket GOP Convention - Winter Casey

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: BEYOND OUTRAGEOUS: Allegedly pro-business Paul Merrion works hard to elect anti-business Obama. Crain's is allegedly a pro-business publication. So why does Crain's employ someone who works so hard to elect anti-business candidates? Who owns Crain's? Is it Obama or the Democrat Party?
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Greg Hinz editorializes about the Democrat convention, etc.

-- Palin bump brings McCain 7 million dollars in a day

-- Obama Has Post-Convention Lead; Palin Largely Unknown - Bob Drummond and Nicholas Johnston

-- Palin: Drawing Women’s Attention, Maybe Not Allegiance - Jackie Calmes

-- Has John McCain become the compleat conservative? - Jennifer Harper

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Detroit Free Press outrageously argues that "hard-core conservatives. . .controlled the Republican machinery for more than two decades."

-- Obama's outrageous vulnerabilities - Michael Barone

-- The Republican Party gets ready - Karen E. Crummy

-- The company Obama keeps - Editorial

-- Republicans head to Twin Cities with 2 preoccupations: Palin and Gustav Party officials discuss delaying the convention as the hurricane threatens the Gulf Coast. And reaction continues to pour in regarding McCain's surprise VP choice. - Mark Z. Barabak,0,831316.story


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GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - August 30, 2008

-- State GOP leaders praise bold VP choice - Paul Meincke (Includes video clip)
-- McCain taps Alaska governor for VP (Includes video clip)

-- Dems Carp On Palin; Bush Calls Her 'Exciting' Alaska Governor Is Self-Styled Political Reformer (Includes video clip)

-- Selection Of Palin Generates Buzz In Chicago - Mike Parker (Includes video clip)
-- McCain Picks Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin For Veep (Includes video clip)

-- Illinois GOP says Palin pick surprising but bold - Monique Garcia
-- Sarah Palin's experience: Checkmate - Mark Silva
-- Profile: Fierce competitor, a.k.a. Sarah Barracuda - Tim Jones,0,6192766.story
-- Illinois spent millions securing prison set to close - David Mercer,0,6010030.story
-- Obama campaign commits an Ayer-or - Eric Zorn
-- High risk, high reward McCain's VP choice gives Democrats ammunition, but Alaska's Sarah Palin offers youthful contrast and a reputation as a reformer - Jill Zuckman,0,7834901.story
-- A woman changes the game - Editorial

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Carol Marin, someone who has always worked very hard to elect Democrats, paints the Republican Party and McCain in a very negative light and then outrageously gives the Republican Party and McCain advice,CST-NWS-carol31.article
-- Look out, Palin The Hillary factor - Michael Sneed,CST-NWS-SNEED31.article
-- 'Hockey mom' gets the nod McCain's choice of Alaska gov as running mate seeks to woo Hillary supporters, beef up appeal to conservatives - Abdon Pallasch,CST-NWS-mccain30.article
-- Ex-beauty contestant known for toughness 'Sarah Barracuda' Abortion foe, NRA member - John Yaukey,CST-NWS-bio30.article
-- VERY SAD: Obama bigger than Olympics, 'Idol' - AP,CST-NWS-obama30.article
-- Obama & Co. must take high road on Palin Let others question experience, keep focus on McCain, Bush - Mark Brown,CST-NWS-brown31.article
-- GOP gets jolt it needs Picking Palin carries political risks and opportunities to upstage Obama - Steve Huntley,CST-NWS-hunt31.article
-- Politics trump morals for Obama, Biden - Carl Anderson,CST-EDT-open30.article

-- McCain VP selection full of surprise - Liz Sidoti,083008mccain.article

-- LaHood praises McCain’s choice for vice president Says picking Palin shows independence - Bernard Schoenburg
-- Governor: Restrict political donations Amendatory veto would ban contributions from state, local government employees - Ryan Keith

-- Pick surprising but good, supporters say - Erin Wood

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: BUSH & CHENEY HATERS OVERJOYED: Jeff Zurawski demonizes Zaruba & Birkett
-- Tell Congressmen to drill in the U.S. - Julie Ann Schmidt, Co-Chair, Real Change Chapter for the Fox Valley,, Elgin
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Daily Herald comments on Foster, Kirk, & Schakowsky voting records
(FROM THE COMMENTARY: Jan Schakowsky, Ms. Party Line: Last week, we talked attendance in the 110th Congress; this week, it's partisanship. Who votes with his or her party most often? In the suburbs, that's Jan Schakowsky of Evanston, who votes with the majority of Democrats 97.3 percent of the time, according to Votes Database of Bill Foster, Mr. Liberal Too: He's new, after replacing Dennis Hastert in what's supposed to be a moderate or even conservative district, but Bill Foster of Geneva isn't too far Schakowsky in his early voting _ aligning with Democrats 95.5 percent of the time, according to the Web site. Mark Kirk, Mr. Independent:
His opponents try to tie Mark Kirk of Highland Park to President Bush, but the Votes Database shows him voting with Republicans only 81.3 percent of the time, easily the lowest partisanship ranking of the suburban delegation.)
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD BUT NOT SURPRISING: Democrat Marc Feldstein of Grayslake argues that Republicans caused all past, present, and future problems

-- Illinois GOP welcomes Palin to top of the ticket - Paul Merrion

-- Illinois Republicans React to VP Choice

-- GOP says budget cuts designed to trigger tax hike - Kurt Erickson
-- Illinois Republicans surprised by McCain pick - Kurt Erickson

-- Manzullo on Palin: I’m excited - Chuck Sweeny

-- 'She's a fighter' Lake County GOP reacts to McCain's running mate - Jim Newton,5_1_WA30_PALIN_S1.article

-- McCain's VP CHOICE is talk of the town - Erika Wurst,2_1_AU30_WOMEN_S1.article

-- Shimkus surprised by choice of Palin - Steve Whitworth

-- POLL: Undocumented or Illegal? - Chip Mitchell

-- Officials debate Pontiac vs. Thomson - AP

-- Sauerberg Uses Obama's Words in Radio Ad Against Senator Durbin!B0DB128F5CD96151!4026.entry

-- Local Republicans say VP Pick "Excellent Choice"

-- U.S. Senate candidate Steve Sauerberg makes a stop in Quincy - Alexis Hunt

-- DCCC targets Roskam - Fran Eaton
-- VIDEO CLIP: Palin Speech

-- By picking Sarah Palin, McCain’s made the reform crowd the in-crowd - Doug Ibendahl

-- Sarah Palin: The GOP change agent? - Bethany Jaeger

-- Obama Offers a Beautifully Packaged Lie - Robert Tracinski

-- Palin won't work for Hillary-loving gays, women - Rebecca Armendariz

-- Is the Republican Party in peril? Conservative thinkers and political historians think the GOP could be at the end of its historic 40-year grasp on power. - Ariel Sabar

-- AARP Voter Guide: 2008 Illinois, U.S. House District 14
-- AARP Voter Guide: 2008 Illinois, U.S. House District 6
-- AARP Voter Guide: 2008 Illinois, U.S. Senate


State Employees Get Less Than Teachers Demand

Huntley teachers didn't think 5.43% in the first year and the Cost of Living, plus 0.65% in the next three years was not good enough.

I wonder if Huntley school teachers would have settled for what AFSCME, the state workers' union is presenting it its members:

3.8% a year for four years
That 15.2% is what reporter Doug Finke of Springfield's State Journal-Register is saying is in the AFSCME deal. “When compounded, (the) total (is) 16.3 percent over the four-year term of the contract,” but the raise does not kick in until January 1st.

The article continues,
“Workers will get two raises totaling 4 percent in calendar 2009, two raises totaling 4 percent in 2010, two raises totaling 6 percent in 2011 and a raise of 1.25 percent on Jan. 1, 2012.”
The memo the Springfield paper obtained brags that the net increase is greater than in the last four-year contract.

It was reported somewhere that Governor Rod Blagojevich's negotiators were pushing to get union members to pay for part of their pension or convert it to something like a 401(k). That did not happen.

The proposal also calls for $6 monthly insurance premium increases during the first two years and a $50 deductible for prescription drugs.

= = = = =
The photo of the Illinois State Capitol was taken from the south. It shows the side on which the Illinois House of Representatives meets.

Posted first at McHenry County Blog, where you can read how Sarah Palin spotlights Barack Obama's biggest sin of omission.


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Steve Shearer defends Schock in "debate debate" tiff

I received the following email responses from Steven Shearer, State Rep. Aaron Schock's campaign manager, to information that Schock will not attend the Peoria Area World Affairs Council debate next month. Callahan has criticized Schock for not agreeing to debates in the race for Congress from the 18th District. The response:

Aaron Schock and his campaign never committed to this proposed World Affairs Council debate in Peoria in the first place. Aaron has agreed to do a World Affairs Council debate in Jacksonville. He already did one for the Peoria World Affairs Council in the primary which was broadcast on radio.

As you can see on the list posted on your blog of the 10 debates Aaron Schock has agreed to do, there is one in October which the co-sponsors, WEEK-TV, the Journal Star and the League of Women Voters, are still working out the date for. This will be held in WEEK's studios and broadcast live on television. WEEK has a very large viewership in the 18th Congressional District, so it is false that Aaron Schock is not willing to debate in a televised debate.

He will also participate in the Peoria Chamber and WMBD's debate which will be broadcast on WMBD radio.

There will be both a televised and a radio broadcast debate. Aaron Schock has agreed to 10 debates, which is a level not many congressional campaigns do. They will be held by diverse organizations that are each well respected; several of the debates have multiple organizations co-hosting the event; they are spread out among the district, and one will be televised and one will be broadcasted on radio. All in all, we feel the line up Aaron Schock has agreed to will allow for a thorough airing of the candidates views on subjects across-the-board. Colleen Callahan can disagree all she wants as to what Aaron Schock should do but she is running her campaign, not this one. Most objective observers will agree that ten debates are a solid commitment.

Debates are an important component of a congressional campaign but not the only component by far. Again, there will only be three presidential debates because Barack Obama has only agreed to three.

Colleen Callahan needs to make the most of these 10 debates and figure out on her own how else she will take her message to the voters. Aaron Schock is not going to walk her hand in hand throughout the district, taking up one third of the evenings left in the campaign.

The Callahan campaign's first press release on the subject of debates wrongly said "Schock has agreed to exactly zero debates." That point was proved flat out wrong. Now, when given ten separate opportunities to debate, Callahan and her campaign clings to another false notion that Schock pulled out of a debate. The bottom line is that she has ten opportunities to debate Aaron Schock, including both a televised and radio broadcast debate.

The Callahan campaign has said the "debates" to which Shearer refers are actually forums and joint appearances, and not true debates in which candidates take turns answering questions. Many commenters have expressed similar sentiments. In the interest of fairness, I asked Shearer to respond:

They all have either questions from the audience which each candidate will answer, or a moderator or panel asking questions. Debate rebuttals will be included in at least the formats of the: WEEK-TV/Journal Star/League of Women Voters televised debate; the Peoria Chamber of Commerce/WMBD Radio debate broadcast on radio; the Jewish Federation of Peoria Debate; the World Affairs Council and League of Women Voters debate in Jacksonville; and the Southwest Kiwanis Debate. AARP has not yet determined its format. Each of the ten events will allow for a side by side comparison of the candidates on the issues.

Cross posted to Peoria Pundit.


Schock will miss Peoria World Affairs Council debate

State Rep. Aaron Schock will not attend the Peoria Area World Affairs Council debate, which is scheduled for 7 p.m. Sept. 10, at the Peoria City Council chambers. There's no word yet on whether the debate would proceed with other 18th District Congressional candidates Colleen Callahan (Democrat) and Sheldon Schafer (Green). It's guessing it will, and will post when I find out.

Callahan's campaign manager, Terry Towery, says they were notified by the PAWAC by phone earlier today. No explanation was given. He speculated that Schock may be trying to avoid being videotaped by the television news media during a debate with Callahan.

Towery reiterated the campaign's position that Schock is ducking the debates by either not committing to actual debates or by committing and then not showing up. And Towery said that Schock's campaign manager, Steve Shearer is "playing word games" by citing forums and joint appearances when refuting the accusations.

I've sent an email to Shearer and I am awaiting his reply.

Both campaigns have been trading snippy press releases over the debate debate issue this week.

UPDATE: Elaine Hopkins reports that the debate will go forward with or without Rep. Schock. The debate will be carried on WCBU-FM and streamed over the Internet as well.

Cross posted to Peoria Pundit.


PJS spreads the blame for District 150 woes

From the Peoria Journal Star's editorial page:

With classrooms now filled in Peoria and other central Illinois schools, our fondest wish for the 2008-09 school year is that everyone involved - students, their parents, teachers, taxpayers, school boards - stop lying, most of all to themselves.

And what follows is a lecture to parents, taxpayers, politicians and school officials to put their agenda's aside and start working to improve the schools.

Mostly, I agree with the points raised. But I must quibble over one: The editorial writer says it's a mistake to blame the lack of the three R's, when lack of parental involvement is the blame. They urge more counseling to combat the issue, and demand that parents get more involved.

Well, that ought to do it. I am sure that all over Peoria, those parents who gave birth to their children and turned them loose to be raised by the village have read this editorial and changed their ways and are now reading the Dr. Seuss to their little darlings after they tuck them into bed at 8:30 p.m. Folks, the parents who are the problem aren't going to be swayed by this.

I encountered this theory a lot when I was school reporter. I think there's a class somewhere that teaches school superintendents to reflexively blame lack or parental involvement and poverty. At least the editorial offers what it thinks are solutions.

What would be accomplished by hiring more counselors? We have to decide as community to what extent we want our schools to be distribution centers for various programs designed to take the place of parents rather than places to send children to get an education. Resources are limited. The more resources we devote to one means less resources we can devote to the other.

It's exactly the same issue teachers face in the classroom: The more time they spend with disruptive kids who've never been taught self-discipline, the less time they have for the other kids, and those students who need and want help suffer the most.

So, while the edit writer complains that throwing money at the problem won't make it go away, it also suggests solutions that cost more money that we have.

It's easier to throw the blame around. It's harder to offer solutions that work in the real world.

Cross posted to Peoria Pundit.


The GOP change agent?

Illinois Republicans have come to expect the unexpected with U.S. Sen. John McCain, their presumptive nominee for president, but Friday’s announcement about his new running mate was flat out shocking to some members of the Illinois GOP.

Taking attention away from the Democratic National Convention in Denver, where U.S. Sen. Barack Obama accepted the presidential nomination in a stadium of 85,000 people the night before, McCain selected Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate. She’s a virtual unknown who has since been described as an “outsider” to Washington, D.C.

“My first reaction was, ‘Oh no, another Dan Quayle,’” said Illinois Senate Minority Leader Frank Watson, McCain’s chairman of legislators. He referred to the former Indiana senator who served as vice president under George H.W. Bush. “I thought, ‘Here’s another unknown, untested — from Alaska — that you question the electoral benefit it brings to the ticket.’”

But Watson said the more he learned about Palin and the more he listened to her speech, the more he believed that she would provide a fresh face with sincere character and an energy that the GOP ticket needs. (It’s easier to see her bio from the Illinois Republican Party’s Web site because her site has been down all day.)

Palin not only brings a whole new level of excitement to the ticket, said state Rep. Jim Durkin, but she also brings the gender issue back into the race.

“Barack Obama’s campaign had an opportunity to put a strong woman on as everybody’s president, and they decided not to do it. On a number of levels, I think it’s a great idea,” said Durkin, McCain’s national legislative co-chair. He added that Palin is a “strong woman” who has “good conservative credentials.”

Obama supporters immediately jumped on the fact that Palin has served about two years as governor and two years as a small-town mayor, saying it negates the argument that Obama lacks experience to run the country.

Illinois GOP delegates countered that by emphasizing her executive experience. “She’s made more decisions as an executive than Barack Obama has ever made in his days as a state senator and in the few moments that he’s been in the U.S. Senate,” Durkin said.

U.S. Rep. Ray LaHood, a Peoria Republican, said today during a Statehouse news conference that McCain’s pick of Palin, who broke the proverbial glass ceiling as the first female governor of Alaska, is classic McCain. “His pick today proves that he’s going to do what he wants to do and what he thinks is right and what he thinks is best, and not what some poll tells him and not what his consultants or his advisors tell him.”

On the other hand, Christopher Mooney, political studies professor with the Institute of Government and Public Affairs at the University of Illinois at Springfield, said Palin’s nomination seems to directly respond to the polls. “It appears, at this point, to be sort of cynical ploy to go after the Hillary Clinton supporters. That seems to be one of the main strategies. They saw a little thing in the polls that suggested that 20 percent of the Hillary supporters are not going to vote for Barack.”

But, Mooney said, she’s got more than youth and the token gender. She also offers expertise in dealing with energy issues and a set of ideals that could help compensate for McCain’s weakness in attracting conservative Republicans. Describing her as “aggressive in a positive way,” Mooney cited her lawsuit against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for listing polar bears as a threatened species. “She got a public policy perspective. She’s got an ideology. And she’s going for it. She’s not a shrinking violet.”

And, he said, it’s hard to avoid the parallel between Palin and Geena Davis, who played the first female vice president who had to take over the U.S. presidency in the ABC show, Commander in Chief. “It just makes an interesting year that much more interesting. Hang on folks, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.”


GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - August 29, 2008

-- Package looks nice, but it's empty - Jim Durkin
(DURKIN: As the Democrats wrap up their four-day extravaganza, they leave Denver with a nice package, but they don't know how to sell it. Make no mistake, the package is neatly wrapped, with a pretty bow on it, but it's what's inside the package that will cause the Democrats problems come November. Simply put, the box is empty. Voters on Nov. 4 will never have a clearer, more distinct choice between candidates for the highest office in the land. Let's take a moment to look at how these differences may affect your life. Unlike John McCain, who has the experience, vision and leadership to guide this country in turbulent times, the Obama camp is attempting to sell sizzle instead of steak. They don't want the voters to look too closely, because, frankly, there is nothing there. Families are worried about health care. Unlike John McCain's health care plan, which is designed to return more control to the patients regarding their health care needs, Obama's plan would result in higher taxes on businesses and individuals and, in the end, not cover all Americans. Families want relief from high gas prices. John McCain advocates a comprehensive approach to alternative fuels while at the same time not increasing our dependency on foreign oil, which is what Obama's windfall profits tax plan would do. Jimmy Carter initiated a windfall profits tax, to no benefit to the consumer. Barack Obama was wrong about Iraq. His opposition to the surge in Iraq, which saved countless American military and Iraqi civilian lives, only goes to underscore how he lacks the experience to be the commander-in-chief of our armed forces. Trouble is brewing in areas outside the Middle East, especially in the former Eastern Bloc country of Georgia. Is Barack Obama better prepared to deal with this potential threat than John McCain? Or will our adversaries pounce on his inexperience and naiveté? Over the next 10 weeks or so, the voters will slowly open the box that Barack Obama's team has so carefully created. It's always the biggest box on Christmas morning that elicits the most excitement. But, how many times, in the end, do we come to find that it's all packaging?)
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Daily Herald promotes Obama, again
-- Leaders in 14th Congressional District worried about EJ&E sale - Jim Fuller
-- Sauerberg skeletons,? Illinois Democrats get to vote twice, Take the show on the road, Convention flashback - John Patterson

-- McCain Set To Announce VP Pick Today (Includes video clip)

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: BEYOND OUTRAGEOUS AND VERY SAD: ITS ENTIRE FRONT PAGE IS A COLOR PHOTO OF OBAMA AND ITS ENTIRE BACK PAGE IS A COLOR PHOTO OF KING: Chicago Sun-Times constructively argues that if you do not support Obama, you are a racist,CST-EDT-douglas29.article,CST-NWS-mitch29.article,CST-NWS-dem29.article,CST-NWS-sweet29.article
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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Governor Makes Another Stupid Decision

Governor Makes Another Stupid Decision

I know.

I know.

If my son finds out I used that word, I owe a 25-cent fine.

I've just read in Springfield's State Journal-Register that Governor Rod Blagojevich has decided to close the Frank Lloyd Wright Dana Thomas House in Springfield.

I can't find the photos that I took. Must have been before the digital camera.

Governor Jim Thompson managed to find $1 million in the middle of the 1981 recession to buy the Dana Thomas House.

He helped raise $704,000 to buy a lamp designed for the house, but sold off before the state paid the $1 million for the house and furnishings, of which there were many.

Tell me how Thompson could find the money to buy the house and Blagojevich can't find the money to allow the public to see its investment from the inside?

Only 41,045 visitors in 2007, but Blagojevich's people say it will be open for “special events.”

Republican State Rep. Ted Meyer, with whom I served in the 1970's, had as his crusade the keeping of state parks open without charge to the public. I can still hear the Chicago Republican (correction made) saying,

“That's all people get from state government that's free.”

Meyer was the guiding force for restoration of Fort Massac in Southern Illinois. Meyer died in 2004.

I don't think it is appropriate to call public officials names, but a good number are coming to my mind as I contemplate this really stupid decision.

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The photos of the Dana Thomas House come from its web site.

The customized warning sign comes from the web site Image Chief.

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