Sunday, December 24, 2006

Scrooge McDonald

So my wife stopped at McDonald’s for a Big Mac.

A sign said something like,

Ask for water and condiments at the window
There my wife asked for a glass of water.

“Five cents.”

“Five cents?”

“It’ll be five cents the next time,” the clerk responded.

There won’t be a next time,” my wife thought as she left the Rosemont McDonald’s.

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And, if you are really into Scrooge, you should see this "Message of the Day" on McHenry County Blog.


Anonymous,  4:25 AM  

.05 is less than a cup and lid and straw would cost this small businessman to serve a cup of water.

They should charge you fifty.
That's a bargain, especially in the big city.

Anonymous,  2:55 PM  

I have been places where it is .10 cents. It is fair. If you can't afford it. Get out of your car and use the drinking fountian. I chose water and think buying bottled water is a waste of my money

Springfield 3:14 PM  

Don't go to McDonalds.

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