Thursday, December 07, 2006

ICC to investigate Ameren

From The Southern,

SPRINGFIELD—Ameren's struggle to restore power to storm-ravaged sections of Illinois is drawing intense scrutiny in the state Capitol.

In action Wednesday, the Illinois Commerce Commission began gathering information to launch an investigation of Ameren's much-criticized recovery effort, which has left tens of thousands of Illinoisans without electricity for the second time in a year.

''No utility can totally prepare for this type of storm, but we have an obligation and responsibility to question whether Ameren fully planned its response and recovery from a logistical standpoint,'' said ICC member Erin O-Connell-Diaz.
I told the folks over at SoapBlox Chicago Illinois should Nationalize the Utilities if they're such evil players in the economy and that got a nice response. But I suppose the risk there is our Governor would put a Rezko like character in charge of power just like in Iraq.

I'll wait for the ICC's report.


JB Powers 9:08 AM  

Given that the Electricity Utilities have been regulated for 70 years, and there are still Power Poles above ground in densley populated/wealthy Evanston, as well as sparsely populate/poorer Wapella, one might rightly conclude that regulation does not work.


NW burbs,  9:41 AM  

JB, I suppose in your "logical" world you also think that just because it looks like it has holes and craters in it, the moon is made of swiss cheese.

JB Powers 3:40 PM  


Other than regulatory failure, do you have a better explanation as to why our electric distribution network is about 50 years behind such technology hubs as Belgium?


Anonymous,  5:48 AM  

And it will get even worse. ComEd wants oversight bureaus in the state demolished because they are being watched like a hawk. Twenty-plus years ago, ComEd could not be trusted to report their "incidents" so the state formed an agency to act as a watch-dog.
Word on the street is that agency is about to be dismantled because ComEd, who has Emil Jones firmly in its pocket, wants it that way. If folks thought tritium in the water was a problem, if the state agency that keeps an eye on ComEd is eliminated, you will never know about any problems that affect the public health. Nice job, Emil.

JB Powers 11:17 AM  

Tell me again how the oversight bureaus have helped us? With power out in Central Illinois for 8 days and counting, maybe we need a little less "oversight" and a little more engineering.


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