Friday, December 08, 2006

Hare vs. Colbert???

The Quad Cities area has been discussing the possibility of newly elected 17th district representative Phil Hare being asked to appear on the Colbert Show's segment 'Better Know A District.' The real media has latched onto the story as well as the blogging community.

I personally think it can be a good experience provided someone knows what they are getting into. Colbert definitely tries his best to make a fool out of his political interviewees. Though prospects for the interview aren't lloking good.

Congressman-elect Hare said today he was considering the appearance but was leaning toward turning down Mr. Colbert, who skewers right-wing talk show hosts with his 'O'Reilly Factor'-style persona.

Would you want your representative featured? Why or why not???


Bill Baar 11:15 AM  

...a bad move. My advice to any public figure. I'd avoid Leno, Letterman too...

Robbie C. 12:57 PM  

BB - I was a bit yougn when it happened, but my recollection was that Bill CLinton had a huge spike after going on Arsenio Hall. I think going on a show like Colbert that is very well liked by the younger generation can win you a lot of points with young voters. Assuming you can still get them to vote in 2 years.


the Other Anonymous,  2:18 PM  

I think it depends on the demographics of the district. I have to say, I have truly gotten to like some of the representatives who appeared on "Better Know Your District." By the same token, the appearance can be taken out of context in the future. Unless you represent a safe district that knows you well, or an exetremely "blue" district, I'd probably advise against an appearance; and that's a shame, because Colbert is a genius.

Bill Baar 3:25 PM  

I'd say it depends if it's in your district.

When Letterman came to Chicago, it made sense to promote the city.

Otherwise, while you have a point Robbie, why take a risk?

Lovie's Leather 8:20 PM  

I think Hare should go on... and I think that Colbert should question him on the shape of the 17th district, asking him if a town is in, out, or partially in his district... plus, the 17th district looks like a dragon blowing flames (the 14th district) out of its mouth.

markg8 8:49 PM  

Blago looked like an idiot when he asked if Colbert was joking. Where was his staff? They didn't warn him?

So did Congressman Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA) who cosponsored a bill, the only bill he ever sponsored that would require the 10 commandments to be posted in the House of Representatives and the Senate. He couldn only name 3 of them.

This is one of many pages you can see it. Check it out. It's hilarious.

OTH every incumbent candidate he interviewed in his notorious 'Better Know a District' segment was reelected. So was the one challenger he had on.

Disgusted,  5:38 AM  

Most politicians aren't very articulate off the cuff. If they don't have a script, they can't be understood. Stay away from the airwaves, you're getting enough attention as it is for little work and big pay. Rein in your ego and stay home.

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