Saturday, December 30, 2006's 'Best of 2006' from Illinois is posting a month-by-month compendium of "Best of 2006" headlines, quips, quotes and other interesting stories related to legal reform/lawsuit abuse. So far, they're up to June. We've pulled the "Best of" from Illinois so far:

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Milton 11:23 AM  

90,000 people killed each year by infections acquired in hospitals. Yet, the insurance companies still want to blame the injured patients for the high cost of medical care, saying that lawsuits are costing patients money.

The right to a trial by jury is one that is guaranteed by the Seventh Amendment to our Constitution, and it was put there for a reason. There is no other society in the history of mankind that has ever been able to devise anything nearly as good, much less any better.

Make the world better, Have you sued your doctor today?


--- Prof. Leland Milton Goldblatt, Ph.D. ®

Skeeter,  9:16 AM  

Prof. Goldblatt:

There is a difference between suing your doctor for taking off the wrong limb, and for suing Burger King for not building a moat around the building.

Under current Illinois law, if you do not clear your sidewalk and somebody falls, then you are not liable. However, if you do it badly and ice forms where you fell, then you are liable. Incentive? Leave it there.

If an Illinois construction company cares about how the job site is run and tells the contractors safe ways to do the job and somebody falls: Liable. If that same construction company tells its people to sit in the trailer and ignore the safety of the contractors and somebody falls: Not liable.

That is personal injury law now in Illinois. This is not making the state better.

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