Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Alsammarae: he did it the Chicago way

from the Trib,

In another phone interview, with The New York Times, Alsammarae was asked how he got away and he recalled a line about Al Capone in "The Untouchables," saying that he had escaped "the Chicago way."
Great... just great... He says he's on his way back to Oak Brook so now the Feds will have to contend with extraditing him back to Iraq.
"I think it would be the crime of the century if they were to send me back to Iraq or refuse me," he said. "People wouldn't allow it. I have contacted senators and congressman to help me. I am coming back to Chicago. It is my home."
Update: More from yesterday's NYT,
Despite the charges against him, Mr. Alsammarae said he did not believe that the American authorities would arrest him in Chicago. “I hope they are smarter than that,” he said.
I'd worry more that they're so smart they'd rather not have him talking to Fitzgerald about Rezko, and will want to send him back to Iraq instead. That could be the Chicago way too.


Anonymous,  10:35 PM  

What does Obama know?

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