Friday, December 15, 2006

Tribune’s Eric Zorn Picks Up on Ralphie

In Friday’s blog, Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn runs an article about The Atomic Toy Store in Galena, Illinois.

The store is run by my son’s Cub Scout den leader, David Rokusek.

This past week, Rokusek convinced his son Jacob to imitate Ralphie, the star character in the movie classic “A Christmas Story.”

That’s the movie where Ralphie wants a Rough Ryder Daisy BB Rifle in the worst way.

Imagine sitting still for a couple of hours in a store window with people looking at you.

You can see the other pictures at McHenry County Blog. I like the one with the tongue “frozen” to the pole.

There’s also a story about Bill Cellini’s involvement in Crystal Lake’s over $100 million Vulcan Lakes TIF project.


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