Friday, December 29, 2006

President Ford and Chicago

Thanks to Gaper's Block there were two articles about President Gerald Ford's Chicago connection. The 38th President of the United States passed away Tuesday night. There was an article from CBS2Chicago with an accompanying video and an article in the Daily Southtown.

The article in the Daily Southtown discussed his visit to Tinley Park to honor the local football team. The CBS2 article discusses him making a speech in Chicago granting clemency to those Vietnam War Draft Dodgers and the man we know today as Bush's Secretary of Defense who was once Ford's Secretary of Defense, former Illinois Congressman Donald Rumsfeld.


Randall Sherman 7:51 PM  

None of these reports managed to note that Gerald and Betty Ford spent their honeymoon in the fall of 1948 (they were married at the time of his first election to Congress) at the old Edgewater Beach Notel here in Chicago.

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