Friday, December 08, 2006

Rockford Terrorst Planned to Shave Body, Cut Jihad Tape

A 22-year old black male named Derrick Shareef was arrested Wednesday in Rockford after trading stereo speakers for 4 hand grenades and a hand gun.

Shareef made the trade with an undercover federal agent.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office says,

Shareef allegedly planned to set off grenades at the CherryVale Shopping Mall… The mall was among several potential targets that Shareef allegedly discussed during the course of the investigation – the others were primarily local government facilities.
The government buildings mentioned in the federal document are “courthouses, city hall, government places, government facilities.”

The government press release says an acquaintance identified as “CS” pointed Shareef to the undercover agent.

On December 1st, the release says, CS and Shareef “discussed shaving their body hair and meditating to prepare for an attack.”

On December 2nd,
…Shareef and the CS each videotaped each other making statements that, according to the complaint, are commonly made by individuals planning attacks on civilians as part of violent jihad.
“Shareef and the CS arrived at a store parking lot on Walton Road in Rockford, where the undercover agent was already waiting, about 12:25 p.m. on Wednesday,” where he was arrested.

The complete U.S. Attorney's press release in on McHenry County Blog.


crash-dev 1:40 PM  

So CS put himself in a dangerous position to make us all safer. We are asking a lot of our fellow citizens, and when they come through we should celebrate them.

Thank you very much CS.

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