Sunday, December 24, 2006

LA Times: What is it about Obama?

What is it about the National Press that they don't google around a bit. Here's the LA Times.

Giannoulias, Rezko, Todd Stroger.... Chicago ain't ready for reform and Obama bought it.

Abner Mikva of all people should sense something's not right here.

Update: Joseph Aramanda about Obama in yesterday's SJ-R,

Aramanda said there was nothing wrong with Rezko recommending his son.

"That's done every day. I don't view that as newsworthy. I don't think it's inappropriate," Aramanda told the newspaper.

"It would be different if this was a high-paying job," he said. "As far as I'm concerned, there's no relationship between the internship and my business with Mr. Rezko."

Aramanda donated $10,000 to Obama in 2004 a year before his son took the internship. Aramanda has not been charged with any crimes.

But the internship, one of 98 Illinois spots from an application pool of 350, raises questions for Obama who has denied that he ever did favors for Rezko.


Anonymous,  10:46 PM  

I keep asking the same thing myself. Why is the msm so lazy that they cannot google abit and find things out.

GoodGrief,  12:30 PM  

So lemme get this straight. A marginally connected kid is one of nearly one-hundred out of three-hundred and fifty who gets to fetch coffee and make photocopies for just a hair under a thousand bucks, and THIS is your smoking gun?

You're right Obama is a lightweight.

Not until he can name the leader of a horse association to run FEMA, or a 23-year old real estate agent to rebuild the Iraqi stock exchange, or give no-bid contracts to the veep's former company to make billions off of an ill-conceived war, or perhaps sell all of his assets from his failing company just before it goes bankrupt, etc...can he truly run with the big dawgs, eh?

Bill Baar 9:21 AM  

I'm waiting for Asammarae to get back home and talk to Fitz re: your Iraqi questions.

I'd love to know Obama's response to the family's request for help.

Anonymous,  8:56 AM  

Are you kidding? Do you know how hard it is to get an internship with Senator Obama's office? VERY HARD!! Every kid in the country wants to intern with Obama. Given that fact, it is absolutely a big deal that this kid was given the internship.

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