Sunday, December 10, 2006

Trib’s Affair with Obama

Saw Neal Gabler on Fox TV last night say the Trib Editorial on Obama was a Republican Paper setting up a weak Democrat candidate for a fall in a run for President.

And Roeser flips over the Trib's Editorial as a betrayal,

Still, the “Tribune’ plays the Axelrod game that here is a Bambi like innocent post baby-boomer who is unlike Hillary Clinton, a baby-boomer tied down with all those pesky baby boomer issues.

Until your stupid editorial came out, I never fully comprehended how totally bankrupt your editorial policies are.
I have a feeling, like a lot of people, the Trib just likes Obama --Axelrod or not-- and just think he should make a try.

I do too. Rich wrote about his Dad's enthusiastic response meeting Obama. I've seen the same thing. But I also saw the same-guy-on-the-street say this morning he was a little tired of seeing Obama all over the place.

Hillary will take him apart in the primaries. Maybe Gabler is right.


Pat Hickey 9:10 AM  

Hi Bill,

This tired old man on the streets hopes that a wonderful young public servant would take slow steps up the gradus.

Instead of surrounding himself with the most savvy and vicious political cut-men in the business, Senator Obama has chosen to listen to the readers of Granta and those who think Noam Chomsky makes perfect sense.

The Clinton political operatives will shred a decent man like Obama to bits. I voted for Clinton twice and would have again, but I would never allow the man to sit on my couch.

Bill 10:39 AM  

Bill and Pat,
I like Obama too and I don't see what the big problem is if he runs this time. Just look at Roeser's reactions. The republicans are going nuts over the prospect of him even thinking of running. He has nothing to lose by taking a shot at it and who knows, maybe miracles do happen.
You gotta admit he (or even Hillary) couldn't be worse than what we have now.

JB Powers 11:07 AM  

Trying to figure out, when Roeser publishes some factual information about the discrepancies between Obama's PR and his voting record he is charged with "going nuts", but when the the Tribune cheerleads that Obama is "no polarizing figure" despite his hugely partisan voting record, the response is "I like Obama".

Bill Baar 11:13 AM  

I was struck by Gabler's comment that the Trib (he called it a Republican paper and I don't know how true that is anymore) is pushing Obama because he would be a weak presidential candidate for lack of experience. The Trib wants Obama to run because he would be a loser.

Roeser, nuts or otherwise, thinks differently.

Lovie's Leather 11:26 AM  

Once again... where is the substance? What does Obama stand for? A likely Republican presidential campaigner, Rudy Giuliani, can get away with vagueness because of his proven leadership ability, a substancial record of achievement, and the fact that he isn't a sitting senator. Obama doesn't have any of those three things, so how can he get away with vaguery even more so than Giuliani? Hype! That's how!

Pat Hickey 11:29 AM  


The Radical Republicans are attempting to paint Barack as some kind of 'Gov. Moonbeam' gilt-edge softball - it might be gilt by association, mind you; as the Woolrich Goat Cheese with Herbs & Chateau Laville Haut-Brion crowd has elbowed their way around Barack.

After his 'loaves and fishes' work in New Hamphshire, it will be interesting to see how many of those 'disciples' stick close by when Caiaphas Bill and Herodias Hillary are finished linking Barack to the sinking of the Eastland.

I'll warrant Oprah won't allow him near her couch - 'That's for Tom's jump around! Off that cushion - scat! Now back to - Why I, Oprah, am generating more energy than the Sun? Look under your seats, Girlfriends, there's cards to fillout - Why I am more important than Gravity.'

BTW - Tom Roeser, I believe, shows more respect and regard for Senator Obama than many of the progressives will be showing in the days to come - remember when the Resko Flatus in the windstorm broke? How many progressive souls were taking a huge step back from Senator Obama.

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