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Eat the Press! Dining in 2007 & Tribune Can't Chew

Retired Cook County Sherrif Michael Sheahan said it best when it took a jury twenty husky minutes to toss a MacArthur Center for Justice fabricated charge of systematic torture of prisoners at CCDC about Chicago Tribune's Investigative strengths: The Tribune's investigative reporting skills are akin to bovine residue.

He's right. The 'hard hitting' Trib news hounds miss the story right under their noses; like Kass' staring at the Polish secretary's ring and 'seeing' the story, while allowing Frannie Spielmann to boat the bass about The Ice House connection to Joey the Clown.

Today, poor Dan Mihalopolos goes to one of the best lunch and banquet spots in the city of Chicago - The Crow Bar at 106th & Avenue C - and never gets to the bone of contention: Pat Carroll's fried chicken! Here read this:

Corruption probe another sad chapter
A `tired' neighborhood is now a hotbed of FBI activity, writes the Tribune's Dan Mihalopoulos

My God man! Pat Carrollmakes potato salad that would make the ACLU put up a Nativity creche! The fried chicken would make North Side gourmands forego Fois Gras without a stupid ordinance! Corned Beef Sandwiches as monstrous in size and scope as Mike Quigley's opinion of his intrinsic worth! Savory Soups that would make Danny Davis give up Kim Chee! French fries so saturated in ( transFatty? -no UltramontaneFATTY!) oils and salted, Brothers and Sisters, that Bobby Rush would forget that there ever was a communications industry coffer! Lord, Have Mercy!

Dan, Dan, you were so close to the bone and still missed the meat? Pat Bruno of the Sun Times, a man of taste, wit, sound judgment, delicate sensibilities, heroic instincts picked Cafe Koda a few blocks from this old fat boy's front porch as one of the Top Ten restaurants in Chicago.

Dan go back to Pat Carroll's and have lunch. Pat is always busy slicing and dicing;chopping and kneading; deep frying and baking for kids with cancer, families out of work, roofers who took a spill, and high school reading labs that have no books. His great restaurant and bar at 106th Street and Avenue C is place where every Chicagoan should order up Pat Carroll's Elysian fare- the proceeds are almost always going to some family in need - but Dan, like the Trib, don't get it - it's always right under their noses. That is why Mike Sheahan needed to point to their cowpasture.


Anonymous,  9:33 PM  

I really have no idea what that post was about, it started with Sheriff Sheahan, then meandered to food...but it did make me hungry.

Pat Hickey 12:21 AM  

Well, then get yourself over to Chicago's great southeast side and tuck away at the Crow Bar on the southeast corner of 106th Street and Avenue C!

ASA,  10:17 PM  

Do you remember a 90s case with a girl with a jaw that did not get served than got transferred to different rooms?
Some people remember and know

Pat Hickey 9:17 AM  

Thanks for the memory jog -

I do - do you recall a fire hydrant that chased buses and qualified for Medicare? That was shocking too - and almost as clearly stated

Good lawyer,  2:17 PM  

I remember when LEGAL EAGLE NICK VALADEZ, (who should of been the 10th ward alderman) sued the ritzy bi rave trendy CROBAR on the North Side and WON a LOT OF MONEY!!!
What a great victory
(But I am trying to lose weight and eat healthier)
Crobar (the real one) sued the pseudo North Side one and WON.
Some justice and good legal work by NICK VALADEZ

Pat Hickey 2:34 PM  

VIVA VALDEZ! Happy New Year to you and your's!

Al the Troll,  4:55 PM  

While I am sure the food is good, Pat Hickey does a disservice to journalism and federal investigations as to why the article was written.
The Crobar was the center of criminal meetings of the Hispanic Democratic Organization (HDO) a brutal, criminal organization that represents the dark side and underbelly of patronage and the Daley machine.

HDO, Al Sanchez, fixing truck drivers licenses of kids of the great chef of the Crobar are not just quaint Chicago traditions or the normal by Chicago standards of patronage and helping others and neighborhood are not what this investigation is about or the fantasy and nostalagia of Pat Hickey for real politics and neighborhoods and Daley and Jerry Joyce and Catholic High Schools and supposedly sticking together without analyzing all the people who are hurt or the cost involved.

HDO is involved in Heroin Dealing and Hired Trucks and patronage beyond normal Chicago standards.
Gang members, violence, voter fraud, intimidation, money for jobs, sex for jobs, and everything else you can imagine.

So if Pat Bruno wants to write about Fried Chicken, Potato Salad, transfatty or super duper ultrahibernian transfatty french fries or better Italian Beef than Taylor Street that is fine
But for news and federal cases and politics, Pat Hickey should stick to what really does matter.
Not doing so brings up straw men, non sequitor and misses the point while diminishing real bad people and real bad doing.

I was suprised that Fast Eddie was qouted as he usually avoids press for the last 10 years or so.

Pat Hickey 9:44 PM  

The churner of the chum (Dan Mihalopolous) cast upon the water for sharks; snagged some smelts. The Tribune hunts mice and reports that it bagged T-Rex. Dan Mihalopolos,in the gelded traditions of Medill methodology hung around the CroBar for a number of weeks telling all and sundry that:

'he wanted to do an up-lifting story about the neighborhood's struggle back'

Hell, I gave Pat a call myself. I consoled him with the fact that the Trib has done that to everyone. Lying dogs in search of the truth. They are a giggle.

As stated by the Mike Sheahan - the Tribune investigative talent is B.S.; my making light of self-puffing hacks is not difficult;it is damn near impossible to pass up - The Tribune pours out this brand of swill on an all too regular basis. The notable exception being the lovely pre-Christmas story on the teenager who voluteers at the firehouse by Tracy Dell'Angelo - Sweatie, how'd you sneak that one in under the radar?

Now to the above nonsense posted:

'The Crobar was the center of criminal meetings of the Hispanic Democratic Organization (HDO) a brutal, criminal organization that represents the dark side and underbelly of patronage and the Daley machine.'

What hysterical ninny nonsense. Pat Carroll's Crobar is a family owned business. Pat Carroll has done wonderful things for many more people in his neighborhood than the insulated milquetoasts mapping out grand social strategies at the Trib Editorial Board would ever ignore in the first place.

Must have struck a nerve with those cupcakes. Goofs who vitamin up on health shakes tend to break a tooth on heartier fare and that was why Bruce and the girls tossed Duplicious Dan the carfare to the 10th Ward.

You lied to those folks, Dan. If there ever is a news story coming out of that area, you just peed in the punch bowl, son.

Gil V,  12:13 AM  

Just because Pat Carrol may have good food, run a family run business and do some good fundraisers for the community is NO excuse for criminal behaviour.
ALSO, if his sons got jobs that they were not qualified for or fixed drivers licenses for them than that is wrong. Period.
I don't know Dan from the Trib or what he said but the article seemed to be about the FBI and HDO.

Carroll may have the best food in the universe from Paris, to Shanghai to Milan to Buenos Aires
BUT that does not changed the fact that HDO is a bad criminal organization that had meetings there and bad deals were cut there.
The people HDO hurt were not Bruce Dold (or Dolt) or anyone from the Tribune (that endorsed many of their candidates and supported the policies of Mayor Daley) but the people from these communities that have little economic development, higher taxes, vote fraud, intimidation.
HDO is linked to CONVICTED gang members who ran the hired truck program (hundreds of millions of tax dollars for mafia trucking companies who did nothing)(We know you like Angelo Torres in the clothing store with his son) and CONVICTED drug dealers part of an 8 member heroin dealing ring run out of the Department of Water Management connected to the Columbian Cartel, who were part of HDO, worked with the brother and father of a sitting State Senator, had a plumb operating engineer job, got jobs and promotions after donating money, donated money to Senator Munoz (another "former" gang member) and HDO. This does not include, and I will agree with you, questionable Sorich Slattery McCarthy Slattery federal convictions (pending appeal).
But when more and more comes out on HDO and connections to drugs and gangs there will be no way for anyone, not you nor Daley nor anyone else to defend them. Utter scum.

RF,  7:53 AM  

Steve Neal is the one who did the hit pieces for Victor Reyes in 2003 to elect George Cardenas.
A man who NEVER even voted before he ran for office.

He did hit pieces on Ray Frias as a favor for Victor Reyes brokered by Jerry Joyce. He did three articles on Ray Frias (a man who paid for prescription drug insurance for hundreds of elderly in his ward and other wards)
while none on many other wards.

Please don't try to ever glorify Steve Neal when he was so utterly a whore without journalistic ethics of the slightest. He committed suicide. Senator Peter Fitzgerald accussed him of shaking him down. Senator Durbin met many times with the Sun Times editorial board about him. Steve Neal brought dishonor to his profession and even dishonor to the whores game of politics.

Pat Hickey 8:51 AM  

You must be some beauty.

Anonymous,  11:12 PM  

Is truth ugly or beautiful?

Pat Hickey 9:18 AM  

Ontological issues from a dime-dropper trying to hurt an honest working family with smears of being shaddy?

Well, hush my beak, Son!

" I heard a diamond ring/saw front porch swing/ and a needle that winked its eye!

But I'll be done seen about everyting/ when I see an elephant fly!"

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