Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Taxation in Bethlehem & Illinois

Considering the Christmas story starts with taxation, perhaps I should not criticize the Chicago Tribune for running Diane Rado’s Christmas Day story headlined,

Income tax hike in play for schools
with a subhead reading
Bipartisan caucus faces tough battle with Blagojevich
Still, must we think of taxes on Christmas?

I didn’t, as you can see from the date this is posted.

Of course, the Tribune didn’t think the tax hike threat was as important as U.S. Senator Barak Obama’s hiring a contributor’s kid as an intern, but such are the news judgments of Tribune editors.

The tax hikers have managed to convince even a savvy reporter like Rado to call them “tax reformers.”

And, doesn’t it figure that a Republican state representative (Robert Pritchard of Hinckley) is “a former school board member and chief organizer of the education causes?”

I see Hinckley is in DeKalb County. I suggest Rep. Pritchard might want to type his zip code into this tax calculator that Rado worked up in 2004. (If the link doesn't work, tell me in a comment what your zip code is and I'll post the results.)

Just in case Rep. Pritchard doesn’t want to go to link in the above paragraph, I have copied what the tax calculator says will happen to the tax bill of the average taxpayer in Hinckley, if Senate Bill 750 became law.

It shows a net income tax increase of 13% for Hinckley taxpayers. The dollar increase is estimated to be $728.

Rado reports that one of the caucus’ main goals is to reduce reliance on local taxes for schools.

I guess the education caucus members don’t understand that he who supplies the gold rules.

Kudos to Rado for pointing out—one of the rare times print reporters have done so—that increasing the state income tax rate from 3 to 5 percentage points is a 66 percent hike (actually, it rounds to 67%).

And our hero?

Governor Rod Blagojevich is about all we have.

No Republican is quoted as being against tax hikes. Good thing she or Ray Long, who assisted with the article, didn't call Jim Edgar. Thanks to Bill Barr for pointing out his continuing role as cheerleader for higher taxes.

Doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy?

Well, maybe fuzzy.

More at McHenry County Blog.


Frank,  10:19 PM  

It makes me want to throw up!

Bill Baar 7:57 AM  

Illinois GOP goes over a cliff and Edger starts caring Blagojevich's water.

What do I know...I'm just a guy in pajamas...

...but it seems to meEdgar has no shame.

4Piggybanks2 2:53 PM  

A (long) link contains this reference to a 11/26/03 suburbanchicagonews.com beaconnews piece. Excerpt from “GOP tabs Hinckley resident to replace Wirsing in House - Bob Pritchard has served on DeKalb County Board since 1990”

“He and his wife, Mary, an associate dean at Northern Illinois University…”

And this link seems to confirm the excerpt. http://catalog.niu.edu/content.php?catoid=7&navoid=188
“Mary E. Pritchard, Ph.D., associate dean,..”

Under the circumstances, it would seem that Mr. Pritchard’s ties to education include more than a previous school board membership.


I keep watching for articles about the so-called tax swap to SHOUT out to the public that, according to information I received from a state senator’s staff member recently, there is NOTHING in the so-called tax swap wording that prohibits school districts from hitting the public with more tax increase referendums. Period. If the info I received from the horse’s mouth staff member is incorrect, feel free to comment. If it’s accurate, I would like to know why this important fact is omitted in promotions for the “swap”. If the so-called “grass roots” tax reformers/tax hikers and their elected official connections and school industry think this is so unimportant it doesn’t even get a casual mention, it tells me a great deal about their credibility, integrity, and personal agenda.

I am reminded of the push to sell the lottery program to the public. Everyone I knew heard the rah rah about the money going toward education. Only, afterward did we find out that the money wasn’t only dedicated to education. The fine print somehow escaped our attention and received little mention in those days.

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