Friday, December 08, 2006

Commercial Club's Report and fleecing Illinois

Spontaneous Solutions said,

Oh, I get it. Our political leaders have mismanaged the state therefore the taxpayer should have to pay more. A lot more
Illinois voters must look like real babes to Pols after this past election. Just ripe for the shake down.


Yellow Dog Democrat 8:19 AM  

Bill -

Don't blame the's the taxpayers who keep re-electing them.

Voters need to stop electing guys like George Bush and Rod Blagojevich who like to spend and spend but don't like to pay for it.

JB Powers 8:34 AM  


Are you claiming "please stop me before I kill (tax) again" is a legitimate defense?

Responsibility is first and foremost with our political leaders. They are the closest to the situation and have chosen to spend like French Socialists, and deliver services to the public like Colonial Masters.

The voters, the press, the clergy, our business leaders all need a dose of salts, but the primary responsibility is to those who are making day to day decisions with the public treasure.


Anonymous,  3:26 PM  

Yellow dog, it is the REagan way.

markg8 9:23 PM  

When Jimmy Carter left office the national debt was $900 billion dollars. It took 200 years to run up that much. When Reagan left office after 8 years of trickle down it was what? 4.8 trillion? When Clinton came into office, even after "read my lips" Bush raised taxes it was $5.7 trillion. Bill C. raised taxes and started turning it around - much to his surprise - before he left office. Remember that horrible recession he caused in the 1990s? Al Gore was going to put that surplus into the "lock box". Thanks to the boy king we're at almost $9 trllion debt and counting. Oh and he wants to steal my social security.

Anybody care to do the math on which party's governors gave Illinois it's debt?

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