Saturday, December 23, 2006


With apologies to MasterCard.

McHenry County Blog’s article on the new recruitment pamphlet signed by McHenry County Republican Party Central Committee Chairman Bill LeFew apparently got some ridicule from his fellow Republicans.

As I heard the story, it went something like this (I have embellished it somewhat):

Membership in the McHenry County Democratic Party – Free

Membership in the Green Party - $10 (with “a needs-based dues waiver”)

Membership in the Libertarian Party – $10

Membership in the McHenry County Republican Party - $15

Contact with McHenry County Republican Officials - Priceless
Maybe one had to be there.


Randall Sherman 12:14 PM  

To paraphrase that noted philosopher of the 1950s, Ricky Ricardo, "Someone's got a lot 'plaining to do!"

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