Friday, December 22, 2006

Daley's Obama endorsement

Gotta wonder if Morris hasn't nailed it all here and explained the thinking behind all these Illinois Pols lining up behind Obama.

Obama isn't a mortal threat to Hillary Clinton's White House hopes - his potential candidacy may be just the gift she needs to assure her of the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination.

Having the right opponent is one of the essentials to electoral success. In a primary, the right foe is someone who is strong enough to keep anybody else from gaining serious traction, but not strong enough to win. Obama seems to fit the bill.


Pat Hickey 8:46 AM  

Cogent, William, Cogent,

Morris/Clinton & Company must have the cutlery all sharpened and poised for the post-Holiday incissions on Obama's fanny!

I think that he is very vulnerable and up against some vicious in-fighters. Hill-Billy's Arkansas tooth-pick is on it's way ribcage!

Bridget 9:00 AM  

I understand the thinking behind this, but I think you've got it wrong on why so many Illinois pols have lined up behind Obama. I don't think it has anything to do with seeking to assure Hillary the nomination and everything to do with simply backing Barack. Plain and simple.

And the "not strong enough to win" argument doesn't hold weight. If it came down to Obama vs. Hillary today, Obama would take the nomination easily. There is a loose consensus among Democrats that Hillary cannot win, even among circles that like her.

That said, the election isn't today and there is plenty of time for things to shift. However, I cannot think of anything that could possibly change the perception of Hillary as polarizing.

Pat Hickey 9:14 AM  

Correct on all levels - the one missing factor and the salient one is that Barack Obama - a man that I admire down to my corns - has been swept up by the very same people who were kicking dirt on him several years ago.

Senator Obama will get bloodied up ( very badly)after the Holidays by the Hill-Billy tandem; if he is politically astute as he is smart,moral, and good natured, Senator Obama should get thick again with the political professionals and allow all the parasol Demi-crats to do the cooing and clucking, which is about all they are good for. Barack needs the effective political pros who helped him onto the stage at the DNC and not the Astro-turf Grassroots and Deano-Cyber Cadets

Bill Baar 9:25 AM  

I'm still betting the outcome will be a Gore-Obama ticket. That Obama will indeed get badly beat up by Clinton but the final outcome will be second place...

...and maybe a lot of Pols in Illinois are thinking they can broker that.

Pat Hickey 9:30 AM  

How about this one - a real wild card - McCain -Obama! Albert 'IceCap Highway' Gore is a fine man but as about politically exciting as a Lakefront Coalition barbeque - pass.

Imagine - a real Coalition to help fight terrorism; end the conflict in Iraq; make a purple America ( Red and Blue working together) - I'd take purple over Green any day and I'm P.S. Irish.

Lovie's Leather 9:37 AM  

I have not seen one poll that would suggest Obama would win anything other than Iowa. He gets spanked by Hillary everywhere else, Bridget. When are people going to face the facts? Hillary is going to win the nomination. Nobody will be able to stop the Clinton Machine. I have said it before, and I will say it again. She has the people, the money, and the name.

Pat Hickey 9:42 AM  

Merry Christmas Lovie!

She do! And Hillary ( who'd scare the balls off a pool table) has the Arkansas'Donald Segrettis' out sniffing around already. Obama was warned of the Hill-Billy Tsunami that's on its way.

Have a Blessed and Joyful Christmas and a Prosperous New Year, Sir!

Anonymous,  12:36 AM  

I find many of the comments interesting. I think Dem. Pol's are supporting Obama because they want him to win. They already have Durbin who is the second in command of the Senate. I think they would love to see Obama get into the White House either as Pres. or V. P. the Dem's in Illinois can't lose. Even if Obama does not win he will have helped many Dem’s. candidates all over the country and they will be happy to help while he is still in the Senate.

Hillary does do better then Obama in the polls only because she has higher name recognition. This will change as people learn more about Obamas campaign. The fact that people will learn more about Obama is thought of as a bad thing for him. I disagree that they will hear what he is about and quit supporting him. Voter’s don’t care because he is the new Kennedy (the MSM will see to this) a fresh face that stays out of the partisan wars. Just look at Blago they knew he was a crook and voted for him anyway.

Some Dem's and the MSM are not happy with Hillary and Obama may not see the attacks others have had that would really hurt him. I don't think the DEM's and the MSM really want to cripple Obama he could be their best V. P. candidate and Hillary may not have to beat the heck out of him to win.

The MSM loves firsts like the first woman Speaker The question is do they want the first woman Pres. or first African American Pres. I see it more as Obama shooting for the bull’s-eye and if he just misses and gets V. P. he has not hurt himself. Daley hasn't hurt himself pols understand you have to support the home team.

Finally I don't think Hillary will win the primary. I think the ticket will be Edwards(P)/Obama(VP) as I have said before Northern big state and a southern state candidate will win, geography has a allot to do with who wins.

Anonymous,  2:48 AM  

Hillary will be crushed. she may be up on regular polling by name recognition only but, by people who do know politics, like the blogs, she polls lower than Vilsack. She is despised by the left as much as the right.
and wait till she opens her mouth to give a speech. She will put them to sleep.
I think Obama is a serious threat to those in the know. Newt is out buying his book to study Obama 101, Hillary is playing copycat and re-releasing a 10 year old book hoping for some of the same magic Obama got on his book tour, and she surfaces for a flurry of tv appearances the week he is in Hawii.
Nooooo. Obama has the right very afraid. And he has Hillary unnerved. People do not act that way about Edwards, ect. Only Obama.
They know he is a huge threat. If he was seen as someone who was just the flavor of the month they wouldn't be likethis. It's because they know he can win.

Harry Hopkins,  8:14 AM  

Half of the Dems don't want Hillary to run and when she does the party will not just fall into line by the power of her will and the sugar of her husband's mojo.

If and when this thing gets bloody, Hillary's finger prints are already all over it. If it works, people will be fed up with her hypocracy ('politics of personal destruction'). If it doesn't work, she will have had her shot and we can all finally be done with these people.

Hillary, America just isn't into you.

Merry Christmas

Anonymous,  10:30 AM  

('politics of personal destruction'). If it doesn't work, --- The voters are so tired of this type of politics, do you think anything would Gag them more?

Bill Baar 5:39 PM  

nope... not if its true.

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