Saturday, December 23, 2006

It's your money folks.

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White's office dispatched two employees to Georgia last week to pick up new carpeting for the boss' inaugural.

Because it was worth $1,700 to have the new carpet in time for the inaugural.
Can't afford to pay doctors on time but we have money for this stuff. It's called Hubris people, please enjoy the next 4 years of it. If nothing else Citizens for White should pick up the tab for this one.



Patrick McDonough 8:48 PM  

Daley steals millions and $1,700.00 sparks interest?

Tommy,  12:11 AM  

Jesse White is popular and like teflon, but lots of problems.

Anonymous,  7:36 AM  

I'm with Pat. Who cares? It is only $1700. We are probably getting fleeced by that amount every second by bigger fish.

Non-issue as far as I am concerned.

Anonymous,  11:06 AM  

White and Co. do some big fleecing.

Anonymous,  5:49 PM  

When is the reception?

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