Monday, December 11, 2006

Obama's ready...

Call me cheezy, but I thought this was great.


Marie 1:18 AM  

What a great sense of humor. I love it. Thanks for posting this.

Pat Collins 7:23 AM  

Like Ford on SNL :)

Pat Hickey 7:48 AM  

He cracked up to the genuine 'artificial' nature of the cameo - that is a good sign. The Barack that I knew from his days in Illinois Legislature and his campaigns against Minister Rush and Dan Hynes came through in that brief spot - there is Hope Behind that Audacious spot! I liked what I saw.

So-Called Austin Mayor 9:28 AM  

"Call me cheezy, but I thought this was great."

False dichotomy.

You're cheezy AND it was great.

As my bride pointed out: Hilary could never, ever, EVER make an appearance on Monday Night Football without losing votes.

Obama was raised by Kansans and appeals to -- and understands -- middle Americans in a way that no one else on the national stage does.


Anonymous,  12:30 PM  

What does he owe the NFL/ESPN now for allowing that?

Master of the Obvious,  6:44 AM  

Everyone is talking about it, anonymous--ESPN/ABC loved it...what a bump--for ABC and our Junior Senator! People all over the world, join hands!

Anonymous,  1:22 AM  

Not bad.

But you know, he is an empty suit. He may like the Bears, his SUV, free chartered plane rides and free real estate.

At some point his actions will need to speak better than his platitutes.


--- Prof. Leland Milton Goldblatt

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