Monday, December 25, 2006

Ripped from the Front Page

Ever attend a Kids Christmas Pageant and think that you read an article about its theme before.

No, I’m not talking about some magazine article in which the liberal national news magazines do their best to shake the faithful with a “Was Jesus Really Born in Jerusalem?” or, worse yet, a "Was Jesus Ever Born?" piece or something like that.

This is one that could have been on that New York lawyer's show "Law and Order."

So, here’s the story line.

Kids put together their annual Christmas pageant, which has always been held in the town square for their Christmas pageant.

The mayor—a politically correct woman—is up for re-election.

The mayor decides she doesn’t want to offend anyone, so she tells the kids they can’t use the town square.

The kids decide to go door to door to ask people to call the mayor and urge her to change her mind.

First they go to a blasé rich people’s house. They attract them outside by singing carols.

The urbane husband asks the wife what the kids want, money?

“Here, give them $5.”

The kids say they don’t want money, they want the man and woman to call the mayor to allow them to put on their presentation in the town square.

The couple give no indication of following through.

They go to a second home and find two aging hippies.

These folks celebrate every holiday.

Their belief system consists of “Whatever.”

One of the youngsters observes that if one believes in everything, one really believes in nothing.

Finally, they find a mother with children asleep inside.

Her husband is the Armed Forces and she is horrified that the mayor has banned the play. She promises to call.

The next scene I remember is the mayor coming to tell children that she has changed her mind. She says has been getting phone calls all day, including one from her daughter.

The mayor's daughter is the mother with the sleeping kids and husband serving in the Armed Forces overseas.

The mayor has undergone an epiphany.

She doesn’t care if she loses votes.

It’s on with the show.

Not only can the show be put on at the town square, but the mayor wants to be in it next year.

So, it's on with the Christmas pageant, complete with Nativity scene.

= = = = =
I don't know all the names, so my apologies to those I leave out or misidentify.

In the top picture the children are shown "practicing" the show they are going to perform in the town square.

Part of the show included a chorus line. On the right is Gina Daleo. The other girl is Johanna Sveden.

The mayor was Megan Heidenreich.

The urbane couple were played by Julie Noack and Andrew Swlatly.

The hippies were Felicia Hornback and David Deemer.

The mayor's daughter was Jennifer Peterson.

Protraying Mary was Gabby Schweizer. Joseph was Brian Madigan. The shepherd was Sidney Schroepfer. Sarah Ripple was the angel.

Before the First United Methodist Church of Crystal Lake presentation the kids were in the community room practicing. For the finale, they couldn't remember the second verse. They certainly remembered during the show.

The photo under the Nativity scene and above this paragraph is of the rehearsal.

But, as someone mentioned at the reception (bottom right picture) after the show, there were no problems on the stage.

The title of the show?

"Miracle on Main Street" by Celeste Clydesdale, arranged by David Clydesdale, script by Mark davis & Celeste Clydesdale.

Renee Schultz was the drama director. Jeannie Patterson did the choreography. Lisa Bishoff was children’s director. Katrina Jackson was the music director.

Lessons in practical politics in church.

Lessons on so many levels.

Who would have imagined that?

= = = = =
And if you would like to read about my encounters with God this year, you can do so on McHenry County Blog.


St. Irony,  12:23 PM  

Aaah, celebrating this Christmas with the old "Godless Liberals" strawman.

Always a favorite.

Regrettably, the only "lessons" these kids are learning are how to demagogue Bill O'Reilly style and how to corrupt a holiday by fighting the largely perceived but rarely actual corruption of a holiday.

Congratulations to all.

Ho ho ho.

Lovie's Leather 1:15 PM  

Yes, St Irony, it is a shame the kids couldn't have learned a Rosie O'Donnell-type lesson instead.

Anonymous,  8:15 PM  

Way way too much time on your hands Skinner.

Skeeter,  9:33 AM  

"The mayor—a politically correct woman—is up for re-election.

The mayor decides she doesn’t want to offend anyone, so she tells the kids they can’t use the town square"

That sure knocked the heck out of that strawman.

When in America has a politician ever attacked Christians to gain political favor?

St. Irony,  11:29 AM  

Yeah, Lovie, that's it. I think the "liberals hate Christmas" argument is vapid, lazy and divisive, therefore I MUST love Rosie O'Donnell, right?

Guess again, champ.

Here's a little secret: some of us whose politics are center-to-left go to church and pray and stand with our hands over our hearts during the national anthem -- we just don't feel the need to tell everybody about it.

To paraphrase Chris Rock: Conservatives are always trying to get credit for doing things they're supposed to do.

Skeeter,  8:52 PM  

By the way -- what sort of message does this send to kids?

"Mean people in government are out to oppress Christians?"

"That we should not take into consideration the feelings of others?"

Ultimately, it seems like a bad idea all around.

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