Monday, December 11, 2006

Holiday blogger bash

I'm thinking we should have a party, so I'm throwing it together at the last minute because, well, I just didn't think of it sooner. Besides, I think I'm obligated to throw a party since I won the Illinois Times' best blogger award.

So, let's do it this Wednesday night starting around 7-ish at Two Brothers, 309 E. Monroe St., Springfield.

This invite is open to all Capitol Fax subscribers, Illinoize bloggers, Capitol Fax Blog commenters, independent Springfield-area bloggers, and just plain ol' dedicated blog readers. It'll be a mostly cash bar, but I'll definitely pick up at least a few rounds and maybe some pizzas if people get the hungries.

I know it's extremely late notice, which means I'm running the risk of nobody showing up (that's why I chose a relatively small venue), but I'm in the mood for a party. Is anyone interested?

[Cross-posted at the Capitol Fax Blog]

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