Friday, December 08, 2006

Wannabe Terrorist's Own Words About Jews, DeKalb Courthouse and Cherry Vale Mall

Wannabe terrorist Talib Abu Salam Ibn Sareef, a black 22-year old Rockford male, discussed

· stabbing Jews at the synagogue down the street from his mosque,

· attacking the DeKalb County Courthouse & smoking a judge and

· detonating hand grenades in Rockford's Cherry Vale Mall,
all in the name of Allah, which was recorded by the man he thought was his co-conspirator.

A statement from FBI Agent Jared Ruddy, with the Counter Joint Terrorism Task Force, was presented in court used against Derrick Shareef, the name used in the paperwork.

If you are into what he said, important parts of which the papers are leaving out, you can find it on McHenry County Blog.


Anonymous,  9:46 PM  


Maybe you're missing the whole blogging concept, which is to add some insight, comment, humor, viewpoint, ANY value. Not simply repost the headline news.

Skeeter,  1:55 PM  

The interesting thing here is that it is another example of a home grown terrorist. There is a real story here dealing with the alienation of segments of America such that they no longer see themselves connected to the rest of the country.

That is a real problem for America, and is a major problem for law enforcement.

Lovie's Leather 2:26 PM  

I am suprised they were able to catch a guy that is totally disconnected from organized terrorism.

Calvin Broadus,  3:00 PM  

Cal, ignore the hatas
You are one of the best bloggers out there. I do not agree with you all the time, but you bring a lot of interesting, new, and underreported news.
Keep up the good work.

Cal Skinner 5:30 PM  

Has anyone found the terrorist's use of the "n" word anywhere else besides the FBI affidavit?

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