Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Knox College Strikes Again

Here in Galesburg, we are simple people. Most people only know about our little town because of all the factories that used to be here. We are a local example of the nationwide phenomenon. Yet somehow, Knox College, our private liberal arts college, has put us in the spotlight again. Two years ago they asked a then State Senator to speak at graduation. By the time he spoke, Barack Obama was well on his way to the insane media hype we all 'enjoy' today. For last year’s graduation, the college asked a then Daily Show correspondent to speak. By the time he spoke, Stephan Colbert had launched his show to national prominence. This year who did Knox decide to get? None other than President Bill Clinton.

Political leanings aside, this is yet another great win for Galesburg. The increased attention it brings to the town is always good. For the people of the town, they once again get to see someone speak that they most likely wouldn’t see. (Though Clinton was in Galesburg in 1995) It is a tremendous honor for Knox College as they get to add to their list of prestigious speakers. It will help them recruit new students and faculty as they show themselves to be a top tier college.

So mark your calendar folks. June 2nd is not too far away.

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Anonymous,  1:34 PM  

I wonder if the people of Galesberg will be able to ask Clinton about NFATA and open trade with China. It has been great for Galesberg.

Instead of working, the sweeds can enjoy folk music Carl August Sandburg.

George Nickolas,  10:39 PM  

Bill Clinton destroyed the ability of this country to defend our homeland by conventional means. Read my editorial in the Moline dispatch and Rock Island Argus on December 17, 2006. I have data to back up my comments. I also have copies of articles in the Federal Executive Magazine dated 15 July 2004 and September 15, 2006 that will provide supplemental data.

My history of ammunition will point out the problems that we have from the Clinton Administration trying to reap the Peace Dividend. This Peace Dividend will cost this country over a Trillion dollars to recover what we have lost.

During World War II we had over 90 ammo plants. During Korea we had 34 ammo plants (also had to ration ammo in 1952) and during Vietnam we had 26 ammo plants. Clinton got rid of 15 ammo plants and BRAC 2005 got rid of an addition 3 more. This leaves us with 8 ammo plants and very little private sector capacity. That is why we purchased hundreds of millions of small caliber ammo from Israel. Does this sound like we can defend the US? We will have to "Nuke" our next enemy first. Thanks Bill you stupid President!

Anonymous,  10:42 PM  

Yes, the Democrats, thanks to Clinton and Al Gore, have gotten us into a situation where the Europeans can set the requirements on vitamins that can be sold on our drug store, vitamin store shelves. All they have to do is require the European requirements to be set as the standard for GATT countries.

Did you know the US Constitution sets up the supreme law of the land to be a Treaty and it superceeds the US Constituion and Federal Law and even the courts of this country. Read Article VI, second paragraph of the US Constitution.

longtom,  2:34 PM  

please learn how to spell Galesburg before you take on Bill Clinton

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