Monday, December 11, 2006

ex-Alderman as Philosopher King

from CBS,

Former Chicago alderman and Cook County commissioner William Beavers, who was among the 200 people who attended the announcement, said he doesn't believe the scandal will hurt Daley, noting that federal prosecutors have investigated City Hall before.

``You've always had scandal; you always will have scandal because everybody's not honest,'' he said.


Levois 6:43 PM  

He's right!!!

Bill Baar 6:49 PM  

...should be,

because everybody is not honest, and we in Illinois elect the dishonest ones.

Anonymous,  8:31 AM  

Only the GOP who can't get their hands the patronage and contracts seem to care about these things. If the streets are clean and safe. The mayor is doing his job.

K'Andrea,  9:32 PM  

Beavers is funny

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