Saturday, December 23, 2006

Texas Federal Court Restricts Direct Link to Webcasts posts on a court ruling that could have a severe impact on blogging (and probably new media, generally) as we know it. What ramifications would this ruling have on bloggers linking to any Web site that relies on ad revenue? I can't imagine this ruling holding up in higher court, but you never know. The courts are sailing in uncharted waters on this one:

A federal judge in Texas has ruled that it is unlawful to provide a hyperlink to a Webcast if the copyright owner objects to it, reports The lawsuit was against an aggregation website, which was linking directly to the video/audio webcasts on, which has the official rights for “Supercross” motorcycle racing events. SFX Motor Sports, a Texas company that owns the official site, contended that fans who go to its own website will see the names and logos of sponsors, but direct links to webcasts won’t bring up the sponsors.
Originally posted at Illinois Justice Blog.


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