Monday, December 18, 2006

Big Brother’s Name is Blago and his Tribune Is, Well, Tribune

With apologies to Saint Luke.

At that time, Augustus Caesar sent an order that all people in the countries under Roman rule must list their names in a register. This was the first registration; it was taken while Quirinius was governor of Syria. And all went to their own towns to be registered.
That’s what I thought of as I read the Chicago Tribune’s editorial entitled, “An Rx for health coverage.”

The editorial explains,
...every Illinois resident would be required to have insurance...
And, how, may I ask, will Caesar Blagojevich know if someone has not signed up for insurance?

Will there be an annual census decreed by Caesar Blagojevich?

After everyone is identified and catalogued by type of insurance, will future iterations of state control require insertion of microchips with our health history?

Just wondering.

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Bill Baar 5:58 AM  

I noted the task force's report.

I think you'll find plenty of dismayed Blagojevich supporters when the final report comes out. They're going to be supporters of the single payor proposal [pdf viewer required].

I haven't read the draft recommendation yet but I think the Gov is going to have a tough time with his own supporters if the commission recommends a Mit Romney style plan and the party line is a single payor model. I actually sat through a sermon at Church in defense of single payor. This is a real totem for the liberal left and it's going to be real tough to support mandatory self-insurance.

I always thought JBT should have played this in the election. Asked Romney to stop in Illinois and explain it.

Bill Baar 6:01 AM  

I did find the report a bit of a slap in the face to all of those commercials during the election touting Illinois Health Care financing and All Kids. Turns out this report is tellling us all is not so well with just one more thing in Illinois.

Greg 4:38 PM  

I've read the report and watched the process. The whole thing is a joke.

Free market proposals were actually docked by this group because they didn't tell people what to do. I don't understand the current fettish with mandates. They're un-American.

What are they going to do if I go without insurance? Tax me more? Throw me in jail? It's stupid.

Bill Baar 5:22 PM  

Tax you more is exactly what they could do.

If there is going to be coercion, coerced savings into a health account worth checking out. Coerced sharing of the risk pool worth checking out too.

It's not Libertarian, but one can be a Conservative or Liberal without being Libertarian.

Someone is going to pay for health care one way or the other and letting the young and healthy opt out of the burden until they need it not exactly fair.

Anonymous,  5:31 PM  

Health insurance for those who want it. I am paying about $85 per month to have health insurance for my daughter. It works out to less than $3 per day.

Bill Baar 6:56 PM  

I just got the same quote for my 22 year old. (Who would go without if I didn't coerce her).

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