Monday, December 11, 2006

McHenry Demo Chairman Disagrees with Me, Too

In a comment to my article suggesting that State Rep. Jack Franks (D-Bull Valley) “lost face” when his former employee Mary Margaret Maule failed to win election to the McHenry County Board, party chairman Patrick Ouimet wrote a comment that deserves to be an article.

Here it is:

I must respectfully disagree with the proposition that State Representative Jack Franks "lost face" with respect to Mary Margaret Maule's County Board District 4 race.

Mary Margaret ran one of the finest campaigns in 2006 and is one of several bright young stars of the McHenry County Democratic Party's future.

In my opinion, Mary Margaret would have won her race had the McHenry County Democratic Party adequately staffed District 4 with Democratic Precinct Committeemen to assist her campaign. In other words, it was not the fault of the candidate or Representative Franks. Rather, the McHenry County Democratic Party bears sole responsibility for the outcome.

This is evidenced by the fact that in District 5, the Democratic Party had 28 of the 32 precincts in that District fully staffed with Democratic Precinct Committeemen. I know first hand that those Precinct Committeemen blitzed and canvassed each of District 5's precincts no less than three times for all Democratic candidates including but not limited to Jim Kennedy who was victorious in his race.

Conversely, the Democratic Party could only staff 4 of the 34 precincts in District 4 with Democratic Precinct Committeemen. As a result, Mary Margaret did not receive the amount of assistance that Jim Kennedy did in District 5 from a fully staffed field operation's team. Had the Democratic Party done a better job staffing District 4's precincts, I have no doubt that Mary Margaret would be sitting on the McHenry County Board today.

Accordingly, State Representative Franks did not "lose face" in District 4, the McHenry County Democratic Party failed to provide a superbly qualified candidate with an adequate field organization staff which she deserved. And I can assure you that that failure will not occur twice in my administration.

Wishing you and all of your readers a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.


Patrick M. Ouimet
Chairman - McHenry County Democratic Central Committee
I am curious if anyone reading this had a County Board District 4 Republican precinct committeeman visit their home. Did anyone campaign door-to-door for Tina Hill or Perry Moy. (I'll bet Hill at least covered her own precinct.) I mentioned a volunteer in this article who was apparenly rejected as a Republican precinct committeeman when he attempted to fill one of the Grafton Township precincts.

I would also be interested in receiving any of the Kennedy blitz pieces, which I assume had something positive to say about him. By publishing such I could even up the record of his campaign.

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The photo of Kennedy was taken after the McHenry County Board swearing in ceremony.

And did you know Jack Franks and other attorneys are forming a medical malpractice company?


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