Friday, December 22, 2006

Bollywood Friday - BollySanta gets down!

Proving once again that there is indeed a Bollywood clip for EVERY conceivable occasion, I give you BollySanta in all his glory!

From the movie Kalicharan.

Happy Holidays to my buddies and visitors at ILLINOIZE and CapFax!




Pat Hickey 9:19 AM  

Bridgey, You Estimable Journalist!

Have a Bolly, Bolly Christmas and a Kool Yule!

Can't wait to fire this one up - Bob Foster don't allow no sound cards at work!

Bill Baar 11:16 AM  

Same to you Bridget!

Pat Hickey 12:46 PM  

It's the Tops! Chandra Charros AND Santa! Yeow!

Rich Miller 4:56 PM  

Have a holly, Bolly Christmas, everybody.

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