Saturday, December 30, 2006

A Onezie

For those of you who think I think of nothing but politics.

You know what a “onezie” is, don’t you?

It’s a one piece outfit that a baby wears.

So, what happens when a Bear fan marries a Green Bay Packer fan and they have a child.

Someone goes out and buys a onezie with Chicago Bears logos.

Someone goes out and buys a onezie with Green Bay Packer logos.

Maybe the small person, a person with a sense of humor

Then, someone cuts the two onezies in half and sews them back together so that half consists of Bears’ logs and half of Green Bay Packer logos.

And, our message of the day is what it looks like.

Strangely enough, there’s a mirror image of this onezie back in the bureau.

There's political stuff at McHenry County Blog this long weekend, but you'll have to go there to find it.


Anonymous,  11:30 PM  


Post this drivel on your site not this one. You are the reason they invented moderators. (Hint hint)

David P. Graf,  4:13 PM  

Why, why, why would someone want to do something like this to an innocent child? Paging Dr. Phil...

Frank,  2:20 AM  

I enjoyed the post!

Anonymous,  9:16 PM  

It's spelled with an s not a z. Still doesn't make a dumb post any better though.

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