Thursday, December 07, 2006

Another Chicago Democrat Gets Jail

He cut his deal with the Feds in early May of 2005, but Chicago Bill and Hillary Clinton buddy James Levin, did not get sentenced until Dec. 6, 2006.

Chicago media did not cover the Los Angeles trial where the deal was made public.

That’s despite defendant Hillary Clinton fundraiser David Rosen’s and witness Levin’s being Chicagoans.

Levin’s agreement to turn state’s evidence was first reported by the New York Sun on May 12, 2005. The Chicago Tribune did not run a story until May 30th.

Levin is a Clinton donor, major Democratic fundraiser and onetime owner of Chicago’s "Thee Doll House" go-go bar.

Rosen was charged with 3 campaign reporting felonies connected with a celebrity-filled Hillary Clinton fundraising event, but found not guilty.

Before that, Levin had already cut his deal for defrauding the Chicago School District on minority preference fraud in the supplying of fencing.

Rosen’s attorney said Levin was cooperating because he could get 5-20 years and that jurors should not believe him because he was testifying only to get a lower sentence. The New York Times reported the charges were “conspiracy, bribery or fraud.”

Levin described Rosen as "my mentor in politics, basically," again, according to the New York Times.

And, Levin, former owner of Tru-Link Fences & Products Company and Tru-Link Commercial, Inc., did get a lower sentence—6 months.

On June 24, 2004, the Chicago School District said this about Levin and those associated with him in a default judgment:

Hearing officer found that the Respondents’ business conduct was of a deceptive nature and demonstrated a lack of business integrity and honesty…participated in a scheme to defraud the board by allowing Tru-Link…to obtain thousands of dollars …for fencing work by falsely representing that minority subcontractors performed work on fencing contracts.
The December 6th plea agreement indicates
· Levin admited to fraudulent use of the name of a minority subcontractor in his plea agreement to whom he paid $3,000.

· Another $84,604 was paid to the owner of a woman business owner in connection with a Chicago Schools’ snow removal contract for which her company did no work.

· $76,000 more was supposed to go to another woman business owner in a contract, which is not identified, but $55,000 of it could not be cashed because the account had been closed.
Posted 1st on McHenry County Blog, where McHenry County's veterinarian admits no cats have had rabies in the last 15 years. Rabies protection is supposedly the reason for the county cat tax.


Levois 11:32 PM  

If there was a cat tax in Cook County man we'd really be up in arms. More that than corruption. LOL

Bill Baar 7:09 AM  

A lot of bad luck among friends of Hillary. (And a lot of Chicago connections.)

It's why Gore will beat her in the primaries and name Obama VP.

Also, check today's WAPO for more Hillary Obama hype.

Cal Skinner 2:58 PM  

I believe that Cook County already has a cat tax.

Levois 6:48 PM  

Well learn something new every day!!!

Patrick McDonough 11:29 AM  

Chicago? Fence Companies? Chicago Contracts? Phony Minority Contracts? hmmmmmm? Put that together and the Daley name never seems to come up? Another Kettle One and Tonic with a lemon twist please.

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