Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What Do These Congressional Candidates Have In Common?

Dan Hynes, Jack Ryan, Joyce Washington, Dennis Hastert, Jesse Jackson, Jr.,
Mark Kirk, Loren Beth Gash, Ray LaHood, Bobby Rush, Tim Johnson, Luis Guetierrez, John Porter, Michael Kelleher, Jerry Weller, Jay Robert Pritzker, Jim Durkin, Dick Durbin, Peter Fitzgerald and Loleta Didrickson.

All of them got money from soon-to-be admitted felon Stuart Levine.

There is a longish article at McHenry County Blog, which was posted on Wednesday, with a link to all of the federal contributions Levine made, plus LaHood’s unsuccessful effort to return the money shortly after he received it.


Lovie's Leather 2:48 PM  

I am tellin ya, Lahood is a standup guy!!!

Fire Ron Guenther 9:16 AM  

Cal, it's Lauren Beth Gash, not Loren Beth Gash. Loren Tate is a useless sportswriter for the Champaign News-Gazette. Steven Loren is a disbarred attorney who pled guilty in the Stu Levine case.

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