Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Gubernatorial Wives' Work Ethics--Now & Then

When Governor Jim Thompson was in office, Jayne, an attorney, would not take any case in state court.

Any legal business she did was in federal court.

Now comes the first Democrat since Thompson and what does wife Patti do?

She does business with now indicted Governor Rod Blagojevich’s fundraiser Tony Rezko and “a woman who holds a longstanding no-bid state contract,” Chicago Tribune reporter Ray Long writes.

Governor Rod “Not Me” says such critics are “Neanderthal and sexist.”

Also on McHenry County Blog today, Blagojevich's direct mail to hard R's.


grand old partisan 10:44 AM  

It's hard to tell which is more ridiculous: the Governor’s claim of sexism in this case, or Todd Stroger saying that bringing up the criminal record of one of his top campaign aides was racist.

Anonymous,  1:27 PM  

So she worked in federal court where her former US Attorney husband would have less bearing than her Governor husband would in state court? Shaky at best.

fedup dem,  3:02 PM  

If, as I suspect, Gov. Sleazy finally makes a campaign appearance at a traditional location (my guess is the Jefferson Park Transit Center next Monday morning), he will have a lot of explaining to do. Too many people are going to demand answers to these loaded questions. Otherwise, you may well see a video clip for the ages.

Cal Skinner 5:31 PM  

So, anon, where should Jayne have practiced?

NW burbs,  5:35 PM  

When bloggers post the same info to multiple blogs at virtually the same time they usually add "Cross-posted at ..." so readers realize they're catching a bit of an echo. In fact, some of the bloggers to Illinoize, because of its somewhat unique setup of being a blog populated by established bloggers, do not even allow comments here and instead link back to their own blog.

Not so with Mr. Skinner who routinely posts the same info to multiple blogs without noting such.

Just a bit of netiquette.

steve schnorf 9:05 PM  

What part of the significance of "Also on McHenry County Blog" am I not understanding?

4Piggybanks2 11:01 PM  

Excerpts from the site below re "netiquette" also refer to (my condensed wording) doing positive posts, politeness, grammar, and something about keeping your lines to less than 70 characters, and sending someone who offends “netiquette” a private e-mail heads up. You’re also supposed to use a smiley when posting a humorous or sarcastic comment.
The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing, © 1993-2005 Denis Howe_

I figure most of us break these rules on a regular basis. I think of topics on multiple blogs like AP stories printed in multiple places. If I read it already somewhere else, I skip it. I also don't type in all caps because someone thinks it means yelling, I don't do it because it's hard to read. However, some with limited typing skills also type in all caps.

nw burbs - I don't take issue with your right to your opinion.

I just find the content of the posted topic more important than netiquette. To each his/her own I guess.

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