Monday, October 02, 2006

Stroger, Blagojevich to Send Flowers To Foley

Once again, the sanctimonious GOP is caught with its pants down (and its fingers on the key board).

As you know by now, Rep. Foley plays with boys in his employ, sending them emails that violate the sexual predator laws he enacted. Just as sickening, several Illinois GOP leaders—who supervise the page program—apparently failed to do anything about the pedoterrorist in their closet.

So Illinois Dems will push this issue hard, reminding voters that the Illinois GOP talks about family values, but value hot pants and long showers more. This story will dominate the press’ attention for the next forty days, killing most other election related stories, forcing candidates to address this issue.

And when they do, Democrats will win, and Republicans lose, specifically Peraica and Topinka.

“As your Cook County Board President,” said an energized Todd Stroger, “we will ensure that our interns our safe and free from threats that plagued the Republican controlled page program. My Republican opponent…”

“As your Governor, I won’t tolerate this behavior,” said Blagojevich “I just find it hard to understand why Republican leaders would allow children to be victimized. My Republican opponent…”


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Anonymous,  9:43 AM  

I agree. The GOP is toast.

Anonymous,  11:09 AM  

I'm one who is hoping the Democrats pick up at least one chamber in Washington.

But be honest in your posting. There was nothing with pages here, nothing physical, and nothing with pages that worked for this pervert. There were emails/IMs, all of which went to former pages for someone else. The fuss over Shimkus is a smokescreen since he doesn't supervise former pages. Hastert, though, has egg on his face.

There will be some fallout that will dissipate, but it's wishful thinking to believe it will reach down to state and local races.

Anonymous,  11:27 AM  

Anon 11:09

If you think the story about "congressional sex talk with children" is going away, you are high.

Watch the Governor's debate tonight--it will come up. I even know the reporter who will raise it.

Anonymous,  12:17 PM  

I'll admit that I might be high--or at least under the influence.

Like I said, I want the Republicans to lose one or two chambers of congress. I don't want to get too partisan, but if Barney Franks is still in congress, and if Jerry Studds was re-elected 5 times, this thing will also fade. Especially when it somes out that it was dirty emails to 17 year-old former pages.

Sure, a reporter can ask questions. But unless someone has a commercial accusing their opponent of the same thing, I don't think it will go anywhere in the Governor's or Cook County board races.

There are no connections to local races-just wishful thinking.

Anonymous,  12:24 PM  

"I just find it hard to understand why Republican leaders would allow children to be victimized."
- They probably followed the established history of page abuse from the Democratic Page scandal of 1983, where sex acts actually occurred. The difference between then and now is the Democrat predator kept his seat for another 13 years. Republican leaders should be ashamed if they knew something and did not take action, Democratic leaders should clean their own party of predatory behavior before acting sanctimonious, and the public should be disgusted with them both.

Anonymous,  12:28 PM  

Good point. Vote Green.

Anonymous,  4:52 PM  

At least Foley didn't have sex with the interm: like Clinton did.

Anonymous,  5:00 PM  

But of course, Monica Lewinsky wasn't 17. And with as many emails and indiscrimate im's, I am quite sure it will come down to Foley having actually hooked up with at least one.

Anonymous,  5:55 PM  

Love when the wing-nuts have to go back 23 years to site an example of Dem behavior. Of course the Dems involved 23 years ago didn't pretend to be great champions of protecting children. It's the hypocrisy, stupid.

Anonymous,  10:18 PM  

You can go back to Roswell at the Treasurers office.
You can go to sexual harrassment during the BGA by Debra Shore.

In terms of heterosexual indiscretions just look at Jesse White and many others.

There is hypocricy on both sides.

Anonymous,  12:57 AM  

Anon 10:18... What the hell are you talking about? Details?

Anonymous,  8:57 AM  

Uh, wait a sec, over at the Cook Juvenile Correctional Center, now under two federal probes, didn't the Cook Dems who run the place
commit what amounts to state-sponsored child abuse for years.

And when the reformists got a little too loud, the Dems shuffled the management deck and hired a reformist type who was promptly threatened and then relegated to the back office.

This nasty kid jail is a Democratic enterprise going back decades. And there is absolutely no question but that all the Dem honchos...Stroger, Daley, Rahm Emmanuel knew what was going on there.

Levois 12:28 PM  

This reeks of sarcasm.

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