Monday, October 23, 2006

A little help: Hastert + Eagle = ???

While visiting downtown Wheaton over the weekend, I saw this piece of art(?) at the La Spiaza cafe:

I was so stricken by Stendhal syndrome that I have been unable to craft an appropriate caption -- so I am soliciting the assistance of you, the Illinoize readers.

Captions please?


Pat Hickey 10:38 AM  

Denny Hastert is a Full Colonel? I didn't know he was in the Army - Congratulations Speaker!

the Other Anonymous,  12:27 PM  

Wow, it sure looks like the eagle is treating Hastert as its prey. It will be a well-fed eagle, that's for sure.

Scott Fawell's cellmate 10:05 PM  

"DeLay, Cunningham, Ney, Ryan, Scott Fawell and other GOPers unveil their newest prison tatoo design."

CBM,  6:46 PM  

I think I see the image of a congressman in that pile of eagle feces

Anonymous,  8:47 PM  

That eagle's thinking it will be able to feed its chicks for 400 years.

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