Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Governor Pat Quinn

Illinois has to be the only State were people seriously argue one should vote for a candidate because they're likely to get indicted, resign, and then their Lieutenant (a reform sort of fellow) will take over.

Sadly, that seems to be the outcome we'll probably see.

So, assuming the case, what does a Governor Pat Quinn do? Lets say in the first hundred days.

Seems he'll be under crushing pressure to disassociate himself from the Blagojevich years, and that means dumping people. Something I'm not sure he can easily do.

So what does Pat Quinn do? Seems fair to speculate. Almost seems Quinn should be speaking to it.


Levois 6:37 PM  

If nothing else I'm willing to bet he'll give Illinois voters the power of recall as well as tackling the issue of utility rates.

NW burbs,  6:39 PM  

Given the potential for investigation into Topinka's days at the treasurer's office it would also be fair to ask, what about a Gov. Birkett?

In fact, for my wife and I, that's what is helping make our decision -- Lite Gov v Lite Gov. No way in heck could way feel good about a Gov. Birkett. My wife calls him Jerkett because of how whiney he was after losing to Madigan Jr four years back.

Bill Baar 7:27 PM  

Well NW, given the polls, a Gov Birkett seems awfully unlikely.

It seems like Gov Quinn is the future.

Anonymous,  9:34 PM  

Quinn is a good man and would be a good governor.
Whatever is flaws, he is better than Blago and Topinka, Quinn is the only reason we may vote for Blago

Lovie's Leather 9:49 PM  

Even if Mr Lincoln doesn't serve out his second-term, we still have Mr Johnson. He is a good man....

David P. Graf,  10:14 PM  

Is it too late for Topinka to drop out of the race and let someone with a reputation for honesty and telling the truth like Peter Fitzgerald take her place?

Anonymous,  10:52 PM  

I'm voting for Rich Whitney. He's obviously the best candidate in this race, and I think that he might win this election!

Randall Sherman 12:09 AM  

The problem with this entire thread is it assumes that Rod Blagojevich would step down once he was indicted. I regretfully disagree with that assumption.

Rod's ego will prevent him from ever doing just that. It is far more likely that the governor will use whatever legal tricks he and his legal team (and he will have plenty of money for a legal team) can come up with to slow and delay proceedings against him. If you thought the case against George Ryan was a drawn-out ordeal, just wait until the feds charge a SITTING Governor with corruption. You may get a Governor Pat Quinn, but by that time people may be campaigning for the 2010 gubernatorial race, and the state and its government may be up a creek without a paddle by that time.

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