Tuesday, October 10, 2006

6th District Race: Close Enough to Steal?

Voters intending to cast a ballot in the Maj. Duckworth (43%) v. Pete Roskam (38%) race should take a gander at this story from Boing Boing:

Here's video of Clint Curtis, a former programmer for Yang Enterprises (YEI) in Florida, testifying under oath that Representative Tom Feeney asked him to write a voting machine program to rig elections. Feeney is Republican Congressman who was the Speaker of the House of Florida at the time, as well as a lobbyist for Yang Enterprises, and Yang Enterprises' corporate attorney. *** In the video, Curtis testifies that Feeney asked him to write a program for touchscreen voting machines that could undetectably "flip the vote 51-49 to whoever you wanted it to go to and whichever race you wanted to win."
Rollcall -- via FlashReport -- confirms that Tom Feeney's chief of staff, Jason C. Roe, is currently on a leave of absence to work as the campaign manager for -- drumroll, please -- Peter Roskam.


Anonymous,  1:55 PM  


What kind of voting machines will be used in IL-6?

grand old partisan 1:57 PM  

Are you kidding me?

So Curtis, who is running against Feeney for Congress and is described by YEI as a “disgruntled former employee” made allegations against Feeney that, despite investigations two members of Congress, the FBI, and CREW, never resulted in anything? You think that Feeney’s Chief of Staff coming to work on Roskam’s campaign is reason enough for people to begin questioning – a month before the ballots are even cast – whether or not the result is legitimate?

I mean, that is what this post is all about, right – a pre-emptive and baseless attack on the legitimacy of a possible Roskam victory.

Extreme Wisdom 2:59 PM  

Computerized voting is a license to steal under any circumstance.

However, given the "Banana Republic" nature of our voting process, it really doesn't matter what method is used. Voting has become corrupted.

As for complaining about fraud, I'll take people seriously when the stop arguing nonsense like "Requiring IDs disenfranches the poor."

It's getting to the point where we should start requiring people to dip their fingers in ink. If we can impose it on Iraq, why not on our own decrepit voting scams.

Langdon,  11:41 PM  

The Republicans, Feeney and company may be guilty of this BUT so are Dems in Chicago.
This last election was a joke with machines that did not work, people who could not vote, changing votes two weeks later, precincts not closing, machines blowing up, and all sorts of problems with the voter merges. Nobody knows who really won some of the races in the last election. At least some of the technology is being revealed.

Anonymous,  11:46 PM  

Just ask Sequia and Langdon Neal how to steal an election.

Anonymous,  11:02 AM  

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, already making excuses for Duckworth's loss in November...classic!!!!

Watcher In The Middle,  7:48 PM  

1) Boone County uses optical scanning (last election, no major problems)
2) DuPage County uses the Accu-vote Optical Scanning system (same as Boone & McHenry)
3) McHenry County uses optical scanning and has for the last several elections (no major problems)
4) Lake County uses ES&S Optical Scan M100 System. Not too familar with that one.
5) Kane County uses the Hart InterCivic eSlate(?) (wheel) type voting. Slower then water running uphill - from experience.
6) Both Cook County and the City of Chicago use Sequoia's Optech Insight (only ones using this System in IL).

Who uses what systems - Here's the link at ISBE:

Virtually all the election systems used in IL are either ES&S or Fidlar. Guess which one ((Hint: Chicago/Cook) had the most problems last time.

Anonymous,  9:50 AM  
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