Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ever Noticed that Every Paper that Endorsed McSweeney in the Primary Is Now Endorsing Bean?

And, to me, none of this is a surprise.

It was obvious that any pro-life candidate would not receive the endorsement of the Northwest Herald.

Ditto the Daily Herald.

Ditto for the Chicago Tribune.

The Pioneer Press congressional endorsements will not come out until Thursday. Anyone want to bet that Melissa Bean will be endorsed? (I made that prediction on August 20th.)

I’d also be willing to bet that the Chicago Sun-Times will endorse Bean.

All of these newspapers are owned by out-of-district interests. All have editorial boards controlled by liberals.

Repeat after me:

Liberal woman good.

Conservative man bad.
It is my experience that when a female runs against a male in the northwest suburbs, that female has about a 5-percentage point advantage. I can trace this back to 1966.

So, I would assume that male David McSweeney has a 5 percentage point disadvantage from the git-go.

If these papers really wanted Melissa Bean to get re-elected, and they know what I know about gender gaps in this part of Illinois, might they have wanted McSweeney to win the primary to make it easier for Bean to win the general election?

Another reason for not trusting the Left Stream media.

Or am I being too cynical?

For more cynicism, check out McHenry County Blog. You can even find out which Republican House members Illinois Planned Parenthood endorsed.


Yellow Dog Democrat 1:31 AM  

Thanks for the laugh about the vast left-wing conspiracy, but I'm a little confused.

Are you suggesting that the Republican Party would benefit from a gender-based quota system that advances less qualified candidates for public office?

Or are you suggesting that newspapers should base their endorsement on which candidate they think can win, not which they think would be best in office?

Yellow Dog Democrat 1:34 AM  

Instead of a vast left-wing conspiracy, let me offer you another theory:

Newspapers endorsed McSweeney in the GOP primary because they thought he would be a better Congressman than Larry, Moe and Curly.

Newspapers are endorsing Bean over McSweeney because they think she's generally done a pretty good job, and because they don't think that merely being better than Larry, Moe and Curly is a qualification for Congress.

crash-dev 1:57 AM  

Why does ever liberal I know call the Tribune a conservative paper and every conservative person I know call it a Liberal paper?

So which is it?

Skeeter,  8:09 AM  

What are you talking about?
Bean is pro-life.

McSweeney is the candidate that wants to deny health care to mothers.

The papers DID endorse the pro-life candidate.

Anonymous,  8:46 AM  

"McSweeney is the candidate that wants to deny health care to mothers."
- How so?

fedup dem,  9:35 AM  

Repeat after me: "McSweeney is out of touch with the majority of Americans and the majority of people in the 8th Congressional District (just like you)."

Cal Skinner 9:40 AM  

Perhaps the Dems here should read Dennis Bryne's column in the Tribune today.

I see no one is willing to bet that Bean won't make a clean sweep and no one has challenged my observation that women have a 5 percentage point advantage over men in the Northwest suburbs.

Skeeter,  10:07 AM  

See, Skinner, that is the problem.
You take Dennis Byrne seriously.
You shouldn't.
He's a genuine dingbat and a poor writer. He is part of what makes the ILGOP the weakest in the country.

progressive fp,  11:07 AM  


I think the Tribune's ideology isn't really liberal or conservative, it's corporate. The issues that draw a lot of its attention are (pro)privatization, (pro)immigration, (anti)living wage, (pro)free-trade.

On the "social" issues (excluding the war), it seems moderate, so people on the far left or far right both have problems with it. But I think that's part of the corporate ideology - appeal to the middle on social issues so you seem that much more reasonable when you are pushing the corporate agenda.

In Illinois, appealing to the middle means center/left on social issues. If Illinois were redder or bluer, the Trib's social issue stances would probably reflect that, but its economic issue stances would stay the same.

cermak_rd 1:05 PM  


You said:

"no one has challenged my observation that women have a 5 percentage point advantage over men in the Northwest suburbs."

Um, even if it's true, what exactly do you plan to do about it? The voters will vote the way they vote. Shall we immediately deduct 5% of votes from female candidates because of this "unfair" advantage?

the Other Anonymous,  5:22 PM  

There were plenty of good reason to not endorse Kathy Salvi in the primary, and none of them had to do with some nefarious plot to pit a moderate woman against a conservative man.

As for the observation that "women have a 5% advantage" in the NW suburbs: how can one go about disproving -- or, for that matter, proving -- such an observation? Each race is different, and we cannot go into a time machine and change the gender of the candidates. The only observation I'd make is that if women really do have a 5% advantage, I'd expect to see a lot more women win elections -- it would be pretty darn hard for anyone to overcome such an advantage.

The Watcher,  11:44 PM  

This has got to be about the dumbest post Cal has ever made.

As for the Tribune, it is corporate all right. It is hilarious to read it rail against the 'combine' when it is the biggest enabler of the combine. The Trib would have to go slumming just to be called Country Club Republican - and it is the type of outlook that gave Country Club GOPpers a bad name.

Jerry 11:22 AM  

The Tribune? Liberal?! Are you on Crack? The Tribune will be liberal the day that hell freezes over. The Tribune has always, since its inception, always been conservative. Some of its writers, like Zorn, may tilt liberal, but the editorial policy has been conservative for, oh, 150-ish years. The Tribune declares loud and proud to never have endorsed a Democrat for the Presidency. Never. Ever. Not a single time. I'll bet that your evil bastion of liberalism, the NY Times has even endorsed a few republicans in its time.

And Bean, a liberal? Again, what are smoking? She may be a Democrat, but she is one of the least liberal members of the Democratic caucus. She is clearly to the right a couple of the last standing moderate republicans.
Which candidate in this race got the endorsement from the US Chamber of Commerce? Exactly. Bean.

No self respecting liberal has any love for Melissa Bean. Supporting Bean is simply pragmatic.

Bean's center right, McSweeney is Far Right.

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