Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Uriah Heep of Illinois Politics

Cook County Commissioner Mike Quigley is being touted for Mayor by the Big Box Bunglers - The Red Guard of Services Employee International Union -SEIU to take votes from Mayor Richard M. Daley.

I have long held the opinion that Plutarch was right and that people in political life often parallel the lives of others. Winston Churchill seemed the reincarnation of his great ancestor - The Duke of Marleborough; Lincoln a 19th Century Cincinnatus who took on the burden of his republic unwillingly but forcefully and so many others.

Today's Sun Times article by Abdon Pallasch,CST-NWS-quigley01.article announced the Master Quigley's monthly installment of his Revolution, backed not by Louis XVI but another Royalist - Rep. Jesse Jackson - who shares Quigley's 'authentic' reform charcteristics. However, Quigley reminds me of no other public servant, living or dead, but a character by Charles Dickens and said to have been based upon Hans Christian Anderson - Uriah Heep.

SEIU still smarting from the collapse of World War III that they expected Dennis Gannon to fight for them, now plans to flank Daley ( like old Guderian himself) with pulling guard Quigley, to kick-out crashing end Daley and clear the way for Kid Staples. Yep, some campaign season - Mount Carmel versus Spaulding School for Crippled Children.


Anonymous,  12:50 PM  

Pat, being insulted by you would be a badge of honor for any politician. Your tin ear for politics is surpassed only by the smug self-satisfaction and egoism you display as you weigh down your posts with a litany of clashing literary and historical references.

And here again, as in post after tedious post, you snipe without pointing to specific examples of behavior that support your conclusions. You must not be a lawyer--you have apparently never heard of evidence or persuasion.

Pat Hickey 2:29 PM  

. . .And, yet, another loud-mouth bass is boated.

Sean Lowry,  8:10 PM  

Pat, I see you leave your droppings here too, just like you do on my lawn. Be sure to clean up after yourself now, because you wouldn't want people to think your parents didn't teach you good manners.

Pat Hickey 9:03 PM  

Sean Lowery - still at the kids table; Potty Mouth and Potty Mind.

Pat Hickey 10:09 PM  

Ladies and Gents,

Prior to my deletion of any more of the delusional Mr. Lowery's rants, allow me to offer Mr. Lowery's Forum where his views on everything can be 'experienced.


Anonymous,  7:41 AM  

Wasn't Uriah Heep a rock band?

Pat Hickey 8:07 AM  

He was - yes indeed. Mr. Lowry and his pseudonyms will be deleted as they tend to be scatologically inappropriate ( I ain't no Simon pure), logically dicey, prone to personal assaults ( woman's breast cancer has been mocked, and non-elected. or appointed officials maligned).

As for myself, I am ripe topic for lampoon, jape, jibe, jab, kick, twist, and tease. Just try to be amusing and somewhat tasteful.

I have removed any and all of Mr. Lowry's sputtoms and spews and will continue to do so. I am doing Mr. Lowry a favor.

Anonymous,  9:31 AM  

Remove yourself from blogging and do us all a favor, Pat.

Pat Hickey 9:39 AM  

And who might 'Us' be, Stranger?

Are you a foe of Free Speech? Freese Peach? Sean Lowry? One of his many personalities?

'Us' don't have to read it! And, 'Us' can do better.

Sean Lowry,  10:26 AM  

Pat, you're pathetic. You're a disgrace to free speech my strange friend.

Pat Hickey 10:37 AM  


You are a sad, sad man. The Beverly Review, Beverly Area Planning Association, the 19th Ward Organization, Police District 22, Mayor Daley, Tom Hynes, Kevin Joyce, Ginger Rugai, Matt O'Shea, Jerry Joyce, and me do not give you a thought let alone a fear or need to quash Sean's Agenda.

You have bad manners; no wit; no agenda; and have no real grip on what is going on.

With that said. God's peace be with you. I will continue to delete your usually offensive remarks - you have nice forum for your personal disappointments and delusions at

This post is about the influence SEIU has in Chicago and how Comm. Quigley will do anything to advance his agenda - kind of like yourself Sean.

Spew away, here but watch your manners - you are only dangerous to yourself. I'll keep you in my prayers.

Sean Lowry,  11:42 AM  

My last comment -If I have offended all of those people you speak of then I believe my message is getting out,thanks to you and others like you. You're pals are as thick as thieves Mr.Hickey and the least you could do is admit as much.
So till we meet again......

Pat Hickey 12:08 PM  

Well, Sean as we have yet 'to meet ' let's keep it that way.

whatever,  12:08 PM  

so Pat prefers politicians who don't fight for their constituents and the public good. Hardly a surprise, given Pat's frequent embrace of the sleaziest pols out there (Sheriff Mike Sheahan comes to mind).

Pat Hickey 12:18 PM  

Well, now we are getting somewhere.

I prefer politicians that get things done for their constituents and Mike Sheahan is a great example of an effective public servant.

As to Master Quigley, he called off the 'fight' for County Board Reform after the University of Chicago paid for that handsomely bound manifesto hithis desk; scarmbled to out-fox poor Forrest and now sets up as the avowed enemy of TIFs.

Well, Whatever is what your politicians get you. Look at Speaker Madigan - just to today he issued a call to return the General Assembly to consider Rep. Dugan's Bill to extend - electricity price hike freeze. Now, that is politics.

Standing for slick pieces in Chicago Magazine and snappy photos for the Chicago Reader works for you. Cool.

whatever,  12:28 PM  

Those pictures accompanied articles, Pat. Articles with substance. Proposals. Ideas. Analysis. I suggest you read them. You certainly purport to be literate.

Speaking of avowed enemies, it's well known that Sheahan hates Quigley. You're an ally of Sheahan. This makes a lot more sense now--you're doing Sheahan's bidding. Enquiring minds want to know: just how many of your relatives and friends are on the payroll?

I'm sure someone out there sees more than verbal diarrhea in your musings, but I'm not sure how. I personally don't wish to spend any more time arguing with someone as terminally dense as you. Ta-ta.

Pat Hickey 12:35 PM  

You have not had much contact with adults have you?

Starting snotty is a pretty good indicator, but finishing up that way is a confirmation.

For your information, young'un ( Jesus, I hope that you are and not intellectually challenged), my antipathy for Master Quigley goes back decades when I personally witnessed the 'reformer' in action in the Lakeview Community. That goes back to the Mayor Harold Washington Administration - brave days indeed.

Anonymous,  9:15 PM  

I thank you for inducing me to read Orwell's "Politics and the English Language" once more.

Pat Hickey 6:29 AM  

Hey, my pleasure. Anything to get you kids away from the TV for couple of minutes is worth it.

Try Al Pope's Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot - it's a giggle.

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