Friday, October 27, 2006

Bollywood Friday - Bollywood in Springfield!

Crossposted from Bridget in the Sixth.

This is what they're REALLY up to in Springfield.

FYI, I have been granted special dispensation from the Illinois-only rule to cross-post Bollywood Fridays at Illinoize. So there.


Rich Miller 12:50 PM  


I love Bollywood Friday.

Anonymous,  7:22 PM  

Me too !!!!

So-Called Austin Mayor 8:57 PM  

Welcome aboard the good ship Illinoize, BD!

Bridget 9:44 PM  

Thanks, SCAM, my in-text-only friend. Glad ya'll like Bollywood Friday. I picked it especially for ya'll.

South Asian Man,  10:36 PM  

I'm of South Asian extraction and by far the thing I most despise of my culture is Bollywood. I hate it even more than sex-selective abortions.

Levois 11:38 AM  

This place could use a little fun. LOL

Anonymous,  7:46 PM  


A tardy but heartfelt welcome.

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