Thursday, October 05, 2006

Meanwhile, in the 6th District...

We should not let the rapidly developing Foley/Hastert pervert cover-up distract us from other Illinois news, so open up your Daily Herald and let's see what's happening in the 6th District congressional race today:

The congressional page scandal surfaced as an issue in the 6th Congressional District race Tuesday, with Democrat Tammy Duckworth suggesting foe Peter Roskam needs to demand accountability from Republican leadership.

Roskam had an opportunity to say we need to take responsibility, and he didn’t do that,” said Duckworth, an Iraq war veteran from Hoffman Estates. “If I were there, I’d be firmly calling for accountability whether it was my party or not.”

Okay, we would expect the Democratic candidate to be pushing this grotesque example of Republican Corruption and CronyismTM. But that will just give Roskam another opportunity to declare his loyalty to his party bosses -- as he has since Hastert's role in the scandal broke -- right?
“I’m not saying I don’t believe Hastert. I’m saying this story is evolving literally by the hour,” Roskam said.
Well, that was not a very ringing endorsement of the Speaker of the House was it? Especially from a candidate who's message is "Roskam: He'll Do What Republican Party Bosses Tell Him."

Observers as far away as the Amherst Times are noting Roskam's flagging support for Hastert:
Even a Republican from Hastert's home state of Illinois expressed reservations about asking the speaker for campaign help.

"We still take the position that we want all the facts," said Ryan McLaughlin, a spokesman for state Sen. Peter Roskam, who is running for an open seat now in Republican hands.

It seems that the retreat from Denny has begun and the latest memo from the NRCC to Pete's campaign has instructed him to slowly... back... away... from Hastert.

But, after allowing the Foley/Hastert scandal to dominate the news cycle for nearly a week, surely the Roskam camp has found a way to change the subject... right? Well, let's take a look in the Herald:
Roskam, a personal-injury lawyer, faces another challenge in the form of a lawsuit filed Tuesday in DuPage County court.
Hmmm.. that can't be good news for DuPage county's number one dog-bite lawyer.
Attorney Ralph Hruby, who is representing Lindeen, said she suffered severe injuries in the 2000 accident that required numerous operations. Although the lawsuit comes in the midst of a heated election, Hruby said the timing is not political but is a result of the lawsuit being dismissed.

Roskam’s campaign questioned the timing.

“Peter Roskam was admitted to the American Bar Association in 1989 and it’s odd that 30 days before an election, his first malpractice suit is filed,” campaign manager Ryan McLaughlin said.
It's heartening to see that, although he no longer doesn't not fail to disbelieve Hastert, Roskam has wholeheartedly embraced Hastert's "My Problems Are All Due To A Vast Democratic Plot" conspiracy theories.


grand old partisan 12:55 PM  

"I’d be firmly calling for accountability whether it was my party or not”

- While she may very well be telling the truth, it’s hardly a bold or courageous statement to make, considering there is essentially NO way of holding her to it.

And, SCAM, as far as the "My Problems Are All Due To A Vast Democratic Plot" conspiracy theme goes, that’s an interesting thing for someone from the “all terror plot alerts are orchestrated by Karl Rove” wing of the Democratic Party to talk about.

So-Called Austin Mayor 1:04 PM  


No, you're right -- George Soros and Bill Clinton are the reason that Denny Hastert and House Republicans failed to address the problem of a pervert in their midst.

That makes perfect sense.

I apologize for ever doubting it.


Skeeter 1:49 PM  

This story confirms what I have written elsewhere: Roskam is not even respected as a personal injury lawyer.

His partner Salvi is highly respected (one of the elite), but not Roskam. We all wonder why Salvi slums to share space with that guy.

Of course Roskam is blaming somebody else for the malpractice claim.

Whatever happened to Republicans and personal responsibility?

Why, when it comes to Republicans, is everything the fault of Somebody Else.

If Roskam had any integrity [no evidence of that sofar], he would fess up and admit he screwed up that poor woman's case.

Anonymous,  2:03 PM  

It's sad that Duckworth and her Democrat handlers would use the sexual harassment of a minor to try and win a seat...remember, I said sad...not surprising.

Skeeter 2:10 PM  

It is even worse that high ranking House Republicans would try and cover up the abuse of a minor.

It is far worse that a Republican Congressman in office 12 years could think he could buy the silence of the GOP with a check for only $100,000, as Foley (R.FL) sent to Reynolds.

Even worse is that Reynolds kept the molester's check.

grand old partisan 2:37 PM  


Yep. Just like Rove is secretly worked with UBL to make sure that he put out a video right before the ’04 election, right?

Skeeter –

As far as we know, Foley never actually touched (ie, “abused” or “molested”) anyone. But hey, why not say he did, and try to lure some Republicans into trying to set the story straight, and make it look like they are defending him, right? Well, I'll take the bait. But I'm not taking the crap.

The emails and IMs are disturbing, and the man obviously needs help. He should be removed from any position where he has unsupervised access to minors, and I am glad that he resigned his seat. Hastert and Shimkus should face consequences for giving Foley the benefit of the doubt in a situation that involves minors. But to say that they “covered up the abuse of a minor” (particularly in the context of then referring to Foley as a "molester")is absolutely wrong, and you know it. An intellectually honest and fair person would recognize that what they did do what bad enough, and there’s no need to bury them under exaggerations and hyperbole – except, of course, petty partisan spite.

So-Called Austin Mayor 3:43 PM  

Just like Rove is secretly worked with UBL to make sure that he put out a video right before the ’04 election, right?

Yes. Let's pretend that I -- or any poster on this site -- ever said anything like that. A game of make believe would much more fun than addressing the facts before us.


grand old partisan 3:55 PM  

SCAM - perhaps that wasn't the best example, but plenty of people - including people here - have made comments about how Bush uses terror alerts to boost his ratings at critical times - an allegation I consider on par with the one being made regarding the timing of this scandal.

I think this may actually be a point on which we agree?

Extreme Wisdom 4:53 PM  

The idea that a Freshman congressman doesn't/won't rubberstamp what the leadership demands is risible.

Duckworth will be a Rahm/Pelosi sock puppet, and Roskam will be one for whatever future leadership the Republicans put forth.

That's how the game works, and anyone in politics knows it.

Roskam's distancing himself from Hastert is, if anything, evidence that he'll move out from under the thumb of party leaders sooner than others.

Given that the 2 parties control sock puppets of varying quality, and that both parties are in a death match to maintain/attain power at any cost, the idea that a lawsuit filed right before an election is for purely political purposes makes perfect sense to me.

The future of the nation is being determined by the various "Republican Plots" and "Democratic Plots".

To argue that one is plotting while the other is pure as the driven snow is absurd.

Skeeter 5:16 PM  

No confirmation yet that Foley is an actual molester, but the correspondence about San Diego sure makes it look that way.

grand old partisan 8:24 PM  

skeeter -

even if it turns out that way, the question is: was that one of the correspondence that the Leadership was alerted about?

You are making it sounds as if Hastert and Shimkus new that Foley was a child molester, and didn't do anything about it. And that simply isn't the case.

AS I said in my post earlier today, we don't know exactly what they knew and when. But in the eyes of critics like you, the answer to that question is largely irrelevant. You've already concluded that they are guilty of gross and malicious negligence, without even waiting for the answers to the question being asked.

Honestly, is that fair?

Skeeter 8:38 AM  

They had sufficient reason to believe that he may have been involved in the activity.

The e-mails that they had were enough to raise questions.

They apparently did nothing at all.
It was on their watch. They get the blame.

I note that the FBI also screwed this matter up. No shocker there though.

Re Hastert: Although there is a question as to what he knew as opposed to what his staff knew, I blame him for hiring staff that would not believe that this is a very serious issue.

Finally, we are left with one issue that just will not go away: The $100,000 hush money.

Any Republican should immediately return all funds to the RNCC unless they return those funds to Foley. That is a disgrace. Roskam in particular has benefited from those funds and if he had any integrity (no evidence so far) he would return all of those funds.

Extreme Wisdom 8:55 AM  


I beg to differ. I'd return "tainted" money (i.e. from criminal sources like drugs or prostitution run out of a townhome or something).

Why return money whose source was regular folk supporting what they believed was a regular party member.

If NMBLA was a massive funder of Foley, I'd return the money. Here, that money was given by people who INTENDED it to be used to fund candidates like Roskam.

Let's face it. Your position is that all dollars to Republicans should be returned, preferably to fund Democrats.

Wumpus,  10:26 AM  

I hope Foley (if convicted) isn't pardonned like Mel Reynolds was for the same thing...except he was not a gay pedophile.

Perhaps a family from Iraq will take Duckworth to Intl Court a few days before the elections. I am sick of both sides of this race.

Yellow Dog Democrat 12:34 PM  

Extreme wisdom -

That's the strangest reverse money laundering scheme I've ever heard.

People gave Foley money to support Foley. It says so right in the FEC laws. Purpose of Committee: Blah, blah, blah.

Foley the Child Sexual Predator then gave money to the RNCC. The RNCC didn't get 5,000 little checks. They got one big check, from one big Child Sexual Predator.

The only question the RNCC has to ask itself now is: Do we accept major contributions from Child Sexual Predators?

If they want to raise money from Child Sexual Predators, that's their right. But let's not pretend it's not coming from his hands, okay?

Skeeter 1:02 PM  

Do some reading. You look like a friggin idiot.
Reynolds WAS NOT pardoned for anything having to do with the minor.

And stop blaming other people for the fact that Roskam is a bad lawyer.

What is it with you people? Why can't you just take responsibility when you screw up?

Roskam should file an answer admitting his malpractice, and then move on. He dropped the ball. Come clean.

Anonymous,  1:10 PM  

Is this race over yet? You mopes have been talking the same garbage for months..bringing nothing new to the debate but hate and a failure to grasp the facts...that includes you too skeeter, you have such a hard on for Roskam losing you look like a fool when you post.

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