Saturday, October 07, 2006

DePaul Blue Demon dementia

I wasn't able to post on this in the way I'd like to on my Treo while I was in the Great Smokies, but I want to comment on the latest outrage at Chicago's DePaul University.

About the time friend-of-the-blog Steven Plaut's American Thinker article was posted, Little Marathon Pundit and I were looking under rocks and logs in the Great Smoky Mountains hoping to find one of the many species of salamanders that inhabit the park. We didn't find any, but apparently that is the place you find a DePaul Assistant Political Science Professor Norman Finkelstein, as Plaut quotes Leon Wieseltier of New Republic:

He's poison, a disgusting self-hating Jew, something you find under a rock.

Marathon Pundit has been closely monitoring DePaul since the Thomas Klocek incident broke out of the walls of DePaul's cracked ivory tower last March.

But as bad as DePaul's behavior has been with that incident, there's still more stench emitting from the Chicago Catholic university.

More from Plaut's article:

The new academic school year is well underway. But there is one school in which this year will determine once and for all whether it will henceforth be considered to be a bona fide "university," or merely a make-pretend parody of one.

That institution is DePaul University.

This year will witness the most important decision in DePaul's entire history, ever since it was first founded by the Catholic "Vincentians." Over the next few months, DePaul will be deciding whether or not to grant Norman Finkelstein tenure on the basis of his "record." The same university that fired Prof. Thomas Klocek for daring to defend Israel in a campus conversation outside the classroom is now seriously considering granting tenure to Finkelstein on the basis of his hate-filled pseudo-scholarly screeds. At DePaul, Finkelstein serves as assistant professor of political science at DePaul, but scholarship is the last thing that occupies his time.

Before coming to DePaul he had been fired from several adjunct jobs at academic institutions in the New York area for his lack of serious academic credentials and scholarship. Virtually Finkelstein's entire publication record consists of anti-Jewish and anti-Israel books and non-professional articles. He has no publications whatsoever in any refereed academic journals, although he has hundreds in anti-Semitic, Holocaust Denial, and neo-nazi web magazines. The closest Finkelstein ever got to journal publication was with a couple of propaganda pieces in New Politics, a "socialist" non-academic magazine of far-leftist agitprop, sponsored by--among others--Noam Chomsky. This "journal" openly states that it "stands in opposition to all forms of imperialism, and is uncompromising in its defense of feminism and affirmative action." Finkelstein also writes in assorted pro-terror Palestinian "journals."

So Klocek gets fired by DePaul, but it appears that Norman Finkelstein might be on the verge of receiving lifetime employment from that same institution.

Demented? You bet.

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